About Us

Empowering Communities to Nurture Happy Families

Our Vision

We see a world of  inspiration, joy, and love.  We live in an engaging environment with our entire community.  We are learning, growing, and serving our neighbors in peace with enjoyment of the good things life offers.

Our foundation is rooted in the purest definition of love, which transcends race, religion, gender, and social status. 
All are welcome.

Photo by Robert Warren
Official Photographer for Power 77

Our Mission

Empowering communities to nurture happy families.

Our goal is to partner with organizations that share in the mission of encouraging families to thrive in their community.


September 2014:
Power 77 Radio was created after the owner listened to a podcast challenge to create a business within 90 days.

April 2015:
Informed close friends and family about the online radio station.

January 2016:
The organization functioned as a hobby and educational program.

January 2017:
Power 77 Radio reached over
10, 000 thousand listeners.

January 2018:
Began operating as a multi-media business.