[Artists On A Hill] Focus Grigsby – Leaning On God While Handling Money

Artist Name

Focus Grigsby



Name Of Song

Aston J Grigsby


Where Are You From?

From Chicago/Joliet Illinois, living in Longview, Texas

What’s Your Story?

Focus Grigsby, born Aston Grigsby is a Christian/Conscience rap artist from Illinois with a past life of depression/anxiety, partying/clubbing, stealing and running the streets.

All of his childhood he suffered from depression from never having his father around, so he went from playing instruments to writing his feelings down on paper. Then he started going through emotional drama as high school student so he took it out listening to secular rap music and started recording his own from being bullied because he was different. 

Shortly after he graduated high school, he went to college and started partying hard every day, including weekends. 

One night he was home asleep, his house caught afire as he was sleeping leaving him homeless. He getting deeper into music & ended up meeting Lil’ Flip as he was performing in a club one night. He opened a few shows for Lil’ Flip, then went on tour with the crew to a couple of states.

He soon found out that he didn’t really like that lifestyle as he thought he would and decided to not chase the spotlight in that fashion, so he decided to go back to familiar ground in Longview, Texas where he started back going to church and GOD ended up changing his perspectives on life. 

Aston now goes by the name of “Focus Grigsby” because he wants to focus on doing the right thing for GOD and to help others who are depressed and have no hope to know that Jesus can help them.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

I’ve had to overcome self-doubt.. Depression and anxiety.. From listening to people’s opinions of me. Hearing them say that I’ll never be anything and doubting that I’ll ever do anything useful. I’ve had to overcome being bullied just because I’m different. I don’t think like the ones who follow the crowd. Pill addictions, smoking and alcohol abuse. GOD delivered me and gave me a conscience toward it all.

What Is Your Song About?

“Bills”, is about the day to day struggle of any man in life just trying to get by with a family or no family. Trying to provide and manage, at the same time trying to pay all of the bills that come. Its a realistic song that anyone can relate to in the struggle at the same time depending on GOD. At times it can be embarrassing.. But out of our control. I want to let the listener know that its more people around the world who have the same problems.

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What Is Your Facebook?

Their Artist Name (1)

Deonte Hall

Why Did You Choose Them?

He’s not only helped me to get out there more, but the man is very humble and has helped multiple other artists to get their names out. But he hasn’t gotten the recognition that he deserves by a long shot.

Where Can We Learn More About Them?

Click this link.

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