[Artists On A Hill] Smoovie MSFT – The Stubborn Seed That Eventually Sprouted

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Indianapolis, IN

What’s Your Story?

From birth to the beginning of high school pretty much all of my life was centered on basketball. You could say that it was worshipped in my family. There were a few seasons of going to Church on and off, but I never really had that child-like faith. Going into High School was tough. My family had taken on foster children, and I retaliated and got deeply into drugs and drug dealing. I was infatuated with money and girls, and the last thing I wanted to think about was God. I started taking music seriously at the beginning of my Senior year and got my first song premiered on Worldstar. Everything seemed like it was going to go in my favor. After High School, we moved out to Hollywood. I drank and smoked every day, hitting bars and clubs and whatnot. Eventually, this lead to me waking up in a hospital bed in Beverly Hills, yet I still didn’t come to my senses. I moved back to Indiana and kept on in my evil ways until one night I was suddenly pierced with conviction. I went on a surge for the truth which leads to me breaking down on my knees in my basement and repenting to the God I so eagerly wanted to know. I was reborn at that moment and was brought into the grace of our loving Father. I’m now an audio engineer student at a big studio called Azmyth.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

A huge struggle for me was always on a vigorous strive for money in any way possible. I would steal, deal, and scam my way to get what I wanted and pay the rent. The money came fast and left my pockets just as fast as King Solomon stated in Proverbs 13:11. Karma hit me like a truck in Hollywood. Coming to Christ saved me from my urge to fill up a void with money and allowed me to be content with my passion for Jesus. Drugs were also a huge problem in my life. I would use them as an escape from heartbreaks and every bitter moment. Through God alone, my eyes were opened to the pain it was causing me and at an instant I no longer felt the need for them.

What Is Your Song About?

This is the story of the “Stubborn Seed”. I had a dear friend for a very long time that I considered a brother. This brother and I did almost everything together. Every up and down. All the evil temptations. All the fun, the laughter, and the mischief. We both grew up and wanted to stick together. Soon after high school I went on a search for the truth and found Jesus Christ and allowed him to become my savior. This made me want to spread this experience to others and allow them to enjoy the love I now have obtained. Now naturally I shared this with my brother. He was not as open-minded about it as I thought but I planted this seed in his heart. Eventually, he leads astray from me because I didn’t desire the things of this world as I had once. Come time through prayer and the wonderful works of our God, this “Stubborn Seed” eventually sprout.

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Montell Fish

Why Did You Choose Them?

He’s been a great inspiration on a creative level of modern gospel music. He inspired me to take risks in my style and truly use the spirit and emotion in my songs.

Where Can We Learn More About Them?

His instagram and youtube is Montell Fish.

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