[Artists On A Hill] SevensXOXO – Dark Magic And Gang Members In Song’s Wordplay

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Triple 7



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Dark World

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I grew up in Connecticut and as a kid at the ages of 10-11 i started listening to drake and a bunch of mainstream artists. at the age of 17 i was inspired by the rapper 6dogs into creating music so i started making songs and overtime i learned alot and improved alot.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

I had to overcome the challenges of Making music while also working on my education. i also had the challenge of working in a low budget studio.

What Is Your Song About?

The song i chose to submit is about odd things and dark magic and it runs on word play. my motivation behind it is drain gang members such as bladee and the artist joeyy. i want the listener to understand you can make a song about anything and your creativity is limitless.

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Why Did You Choose Them?

they make futuristic hyperpop music. his music is addictive and has a wide array of songs and his songs are very well planned out and proffesionally made with a good craft at hand.

Where Can We Learn More About Them?

he is 18 and he lives in Milwaukee and he is apart of a clique or label called 4fgang

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