[Artists On A Hill] Jelani Malik – The Struggle To Let Go And Let God

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Jelani Malik

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CIRCLES (feat. Ada Tate)

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Where Are You From?

Orlando, FL

What’s Your Story?

Jelani (Juh-lawn-ee) Malik is an Orlando-based Hip Hop artist who brings the distinctive east coast lyricism with a progressive flow. Born and raised in Long Island, NY, he took up music and music production at a very young age. Taking inspiration from his family, S1W Bro. Mike and THE DREW of the Hip Hop legends Public Enemy, Jelani puts out music with the intention of building faith, hope, awareness, and uplifting people. As culture dictates the popular sound, Jelani prides himself in staying true to his diverse love of music and meshing genres whenever possible.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had to overcome was being content in who I am as an artist and not trying to be a carbon copy of everyone who is popular. The way I overcame it was by prayer and not being afraid to create sounds that aren’t popular.

What Is Your Song About?

“CIRCLES” is about the constant struggle of trying to live life by your own means but finally letting God be in control.

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Their Artist Name (1)

Saint James

Why Did You Choose Them?

I love their sound

Where Can We Learn More About Them?

@iamsaintjames – Instagram

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Christopher Syncere

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Why Did You Choose Them?

Lyrically ability is among the best I’ve ever heard.

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Paige Do’Maya

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Up and coming artist that has a great flow and represents for the ladies!

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