[Artists On A Hill] Andyreal – Wants To Uplift And Serve Others

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Hooked on You


Where Are You From?

El Paso Tx

What’s Your Story?

Andyreal has a story of resolute and resiliency masked with so much hope and life lessons for the future and incoming generations to take home- life wasn’t always kind to him and growing up as a young kid and following on his irrefutable passion for the rap music and culture, he found himself influenced by the wrong side of life and his life took a nasty turn as he found himself facing rock bottom through a life infested with drugs and crime and it doesn’t get any worse than this for any teenager caught up in such a mess!. You have to understand that even to some people, there is no rock bottom, it is bottomless but thankfully Andyreal was able to see the light and follow Christ who delivered him from the dark and deeply horrifying tunnels. Ever since he decided to pursue his passion in music seriously and he has been making a positive message for ten years now with the sole purpose of inspiring and motivating through his emotion-filled melodies.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

I have been through hard times in life, just like anyone else. Juvenile hall, a lifestyle of crime and gangs. Through all my struggles and difficulties i have learned that my sole purpose is to uplift and serve others. Inspire them through serving my gift.

What Is Your Song About?

The track “Hooked on You” is a dedication to his lovely wife who has been going through a rough time and it was actually released on her birthday which is on 3-30-22. At the center of the melodic sensibility, lay some very heartfelt and passionate lyrics that a listener can gather that have so much meaning to Andyreal. The melody, like reading the room does well to invoke those feelings with the rhythm following up the oscillation of the piano, the drip of the synths, and the spark of the basslines that are escorted to a glorious paradise with the guitar’s euphonic swings.

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