[Artists On A Hill] Dave Hall – No One Or No Thing Will Surpass The Love Of God

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Dave Hall



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No One


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Music and God Have always been a part of Dave’s complicated journey through life. They both have had him overcome such great hurdles as homelessness. As well as accomplish such great feats as opening for the likes of Ledisi, Mali Music, and COKO of SWV.

Growing up the son of a Pastor, Dave was very much involved with church while still discovering how have to a thriving relationship with God. As a teen Dave was apart of a group named Psalms 150. Psalms 150 was a live band the incorporated Jazz, R&B, Traditional Gospel and Hip-hop into its music. During that time Dave was brought in to rhyme verse over normally traditional Gospel records. Not having a verse on every song yet still wanting to be apart of what the group was doing, prompted Dave to learn piano. As he grew he became a worship leader at Texas Bible Institute bringing very unique brand of worship that blended Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B and Worship. This unique fusion of styles helped to create a lane of Worship that he still adheres to this day.

Dave is currently in a process where he feels his sound matured over the years. His message and his sound has allowed him to still be relevant to this day. His relationship with the Lord has taken him on a unique journey as well which has allowed Dave to embrace the message that God is Truly Love. Love is not about what you get back but what you give. In our relationships with people and with God. He knows our heart but Dave’s musical journey pushes us to know HIS.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

I have experienced a few things that have helped prepare me for this moment first one was being homeless. Isolating myself to the point where I would not ask for help , I allowed myself to become homeless. Sleeping at bus stations, homeless shelters, and outside on park benches. From eating out of trash cans to waiting in lines at shelters. I experienced tremendous loss, however God opened many doors and connected me with people even while homeless that allowed me still to align with my purpose. Also running from the Lord as well for quite some time only to end up right where I was supposed to be. God has looked out for me more than he should. Which has allowed to experience his love that never fails and never runs out.

What Is Your Song About?

This infectious Urban Gospel track infuses hip-hop and neo soul into a perfect blend. The powerful yet playful lyrics pull you in to take you on a journey of loving God and realizing that no one or no thing will surpass the love of God. the motivation for this song came from realizing true peace, love, and joy only comes from the Lord. Even in the midst of trial to be able to find peace and be confident in God and his love for us.

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Great music and a good dude

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