[Artists On A Hill] Dr Jaymz – Delivering a Message Of Hope And Love For The Younger Generation

Artist Name

Dr Jaymz

Record Label

WhatMusic Group



Name Of Song

Your Love (Remix)


Where Are You From?

London, England

What’s Your Story?

Gospel has always been synonymous with dance music. Think back to early Motown or Soul, and you will see the straight line to the dance floor. Now as the world turns and searches for new hope through the Word, Dr Jaymz is bringing that underlying sense of Peace, Love, Unity, harmonies and beats to the EDM experience.

A British minister who has preached to 80,000 people, and who has performed as a DJ Producer to thousands, Dr Jaymz has tapped into a feeling that replaces the loneliness, depression and despair that can be felt through a soulless dive into hedonism. Praise is his game, and combined with infectious beats and soaring melodies, he has been leading the charge to a new dawn of fulfillment.

Based out of Boston USA and inspired by Alok, David Guetta, Zedd, Joel Corry and of course the Lord himself, he is throwing down from the pulpit with music as his rod of salvation. Releasing three tracks in quick succession in 2021, he is storming into 2022 with a new track every month.

Delivering a message of hope and love for the younger generation, it is the happiness of the spirit that is grabbing audiences everywhere. The gospel is no longer the domain of the placid hymns we grew up with. Now it is expressed through the uplifting moments of EDM and the festival arena. Join Dr Jaymz on his journey to the future and be forever blessed by the experience.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

In life, I’ve had to overcome drug addiction and depression. We all come to places off desperation. There are many ways to escape pain, but Jesus is truly the door into a transformation that transcends our human experience.

What Is Your Song About?

Boston-based missionary and Artist – Dr Jaymz injects funk fever into his hit single ‘Your Love’, flipping it on its head, in a feel-good, retro disco remix. Popping guitar lines, funk-infused synth and a grooving bassline get the party started, with a touch of gospel lyricism for an infectious and danceable sound reminiscent of Daft Punk, Purple Disco Machine and Basement Jaxx.

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Why Did You Choose Them?

They create dope house music that glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ.

Where Can We Learn More About Them?


What Other Artists Do You Recommend?


Where Can We Learn More About Them?


Why Did You Choose Them?

They are missionaries and artists who bringing youth to Christ through cutting edge electronic dance music.

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