[Artists On A Hill] Yemi Alafifuni – Sings About Winning Battles With Worship

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Yemi Alafifuni



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London, UK

What’s Your Story?

At the beginning of my walk with the Lord and at a sound age, I gravitated towards christian music. At the time, Maranatha! Music was the acceptable western music records and so I began to listen to all the records I could find especially Kids Praise. Soon after, I began to teach music my local fellowship whilst serving as an usher.

My baptism into music came at a time of desperate need. My small room was behind a Girl’s boarding school and every other night a set of girls will gather to sing worship songs. Though they were across the swamp (the landscape that separated the school from my home), their music travelled far and ultimately into my room.

The voices were so beautiful and heavenly that it kept me up all night. Shortly, I began to practice to sing just like the ladies across the pond and never missed any of their sessions.

This for me was my divine induction into music. I have never met any of these ladies and I don’t think they know how much impact & influence they had on me. It was as if God sent angels to train me every midnight (which is the time the ladies sang). I am grateful to these ladies wherever they may be.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

My early days where marred with identity issues and a chronic lack of self – esteem. I suffered from a broken home (homeless kid) and my quest for a sense of belonging took me on a journey with God.

From an early age, I struggled with paying my school fees. My parents were separated and I only knew my dad at the time who decided to re-marry. For close to 16 years (until I was 17 yrs old), my dad refused to let me see my mother and she didn’t know where I was. I was lonely, uncared for and ultimately had to figure out what path in life to take from around 5 years old.

Trusting God through the diverse & mostly challenging situations were difficult but by Grace, I found strength to progressively grow in God and he is still growing. Music was God’s gift that helped me through countless battles for survivor and a quest to understand God through lyrics.

What Is Your Song About?

The song started as a conversation between Yemi and God. Yemi explains that he was taking an exercise walk around his home and was talking casually to God about many matters.

I was also asking questions of the heart – Yemi recalls.

Towards the end of the walk, he heard the Lord saying that many are worshipping me because of my strength alone. They worship because they need me to fight their battles.

Then Yemi heard vividly; ‘Worship is not a weapon!’

Yemi claimed he struggled slightly at first but had great clarity at the same time. This song documents his response.

The concept of ‘Worship as warfare’ has become the main theme around us. We sing about winning battles with our worship. Whilst it is true that God will ‘move mountains’ for those that He loves, God doesn’t appreciate being worshipped for the works of His hands alone same as we wouldn’t appreciate being used this way.

Miracles do happen when He moves but worship shouldn’t be used as a bait as if to say we can cajole Him. It shouldn’t be that if we want Him to move, we worship. Rather, we worship regardless of whether He moves or not. The Father seeks those that will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, not those who worship for a token. John 4:23-24

Worship for who God is, not for what He can do for you. He is Almighty after all.

Our worship therefore is the act of attributing reverent honour and homage to God alone. In Yemi’s own words, worship is acknowledging who God truly is with no strings attached.

Now, won’t He do it? We know He would! We know He did!

Yemi believes that true worship focuses on God alone (Psalms 99:5) in total surrender and is NOT intended as a weapon. We know that God can however choose to destroy the worshipper’s adversaries during worship – for we know that light & darkness cannot co-exist. We’d just let Him do Him.

I am praying that this song brings you and your listeners ever so close to the throne room. Amen.

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