[Artists On A Hill] Abraham Geovanni – The Lord Jesus Has Always Delivered

Artist Name

Abraham Geovanni

Record Label

Hangloose 1x, LLC



Name Of Song

Abraham Geovanni – Infinite (Prod. Scotty White & PK)


Where Are You From?

South Norwalk, CT

What’s Your Story?

Abraham Geovanni is an American Latino Christian hip-hop and rap artist based out of South Norwalk, Connecticut. Beginning his current career as a teenage recording artist all the way back in 2011 with his roots in performance arts dating back to his elementary, middle, and high school choir days even being featured in some theater productions such as one of Romeo and Juliet in which he played Mercutio for St. Luke’s School. His whole life, he’s been fascinated and delighted by music, movies, and art. His childhood career dreams of being a film director stem from movie nights with his family daily which also showed him all types of life humans live. Being aware of this, Geovanni became fascinated with learning more about people different from himself as well as making his own home movies. He credits his art teacher with giving him an inspiring view of the imperfections in his life wherein he saw that it was those imperfections and differences within humans, himself and otherwise, that make all of them unique and purposeful. While it is true that the differences among humans make life interesting and meaningful, Geovanni likes to treat everyone with dignity and grace with little to no prejudice. This understanding combined with a deep and long personal journey over the past several years led him to where he currently stands on the purpose and being able to look past faults discovering the inner beauty of the world and its inhabitants.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

I’ve lived a lot of life in the 27 years of my being. From constant moving, to alcoholism, weed addiction, gang affiliation, skateboard revelry; throwing crazy parties, illnesses & even a coma The Lord Jesus has always delivered me !

What Is Your Song About?

This record is all about my testimony. Not necessarily my whole testimony but a part of it most of which I struggled with when I was in the world as a secular Rap artist. Breaking Weed addiction and learning to be a fisher of men!

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What Other Artists Do You Recommend?

Tommy Kodel

Why Did You Choose Them?

Great guy, humble spirit.

Where Can We Learn More About Them?


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Why Did You Choose Them?

Dedicated to the music!

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Why Did You Choose Them?

Good work effort.

Where Can We Learn More About Them?

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