[Artists On A Hill] Katie Bates – With God We Can Have It All

Artist Name

Katie Bates feat. Bo Lavish

Record Label

Moore Muzik, LLC



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“Have It All”

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Where Are You From?

Katie Bates is from – Cincinnati, OHIO

What’s Your Story?

In September 2015, American Pop artist Katie Bates met Kent Wells, Dolly Parton’s producer and musical producer, in Nashville and produced her self titled EP Katie Bates. She worked with Kent for over a year in Nashville at Kent Wells Production, working on her songwriting and vocal production. In July 2017, Katie started working with Producer Tony “2tone” Burkhart at Blacklite Productions and recorded a single called “Naked”. Metaphorically used, it is about stripping someone’s walls down and getting to know that person inside and out. “Naked” received great feedback from online radio shows. On September 14, 2017, she released another single titled “The One”. She co-wrote “The One” with Producer David Snow at Little Hipster Music out of LA.

Filter is the second EP project from Bates. It was released on March 22, 2019. It has been 2 years since she released her first self-titled EP, Katie Bates.. For Filter, she joined forces with R&B singer/songwriter and producer Tejai Moore. Bates and Moore wrote “Pretty Toned Filter”, “Love Again”, “Shifting Gears”, and “Hurts So Good” together. Bates wrote “Naked” and “Heart You Times” The EP’s contents were produced in Cincinnati at Blacklite Productions with producer Tony “2Tone” Burkhart. Filter takes on a completely different lyrical theme than Bates’ debut self-titled EP. Filter takes on a more mature image as a Pop artist opposed to the Country/Pop of the self-titled EP. Primarily a Pop album, Filter also contains influences of Electro-Pop, Alternative, and R&B.

KB2 is the third and most recent EP from Bates. Again, she teamed up with Tejai Moore co-writing “Touch” and also “Silent Treatment”. Both songs are very energetic.

Shortly after KB2, and also songs from Bates’ album, Filter, had been placed on the Official Ballot for 2019 and also 2020 Grammy Awards by the Recording Academy.

Katie plays drums, bass, guitar, and piano. She has been playing in her mom’s Christian Rock band since she was 12 years old. Going through a hard time in college, she turned to writing poems and lyrics. Eventually she put those lyrics into song. With the help of Kent Wells, she found a creative home in music. Her inspiration comes from artists such as Khalid, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Stevie Nicks. Her ambition, genuinely positive personality, natural talent, and knowledge in music is helping her become an artist to watch now and going forward.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

So many to name.

What Is Your Song About?

This record was produced and co-written by international singer, songwriter, and producer Tejai Moore alongside co-production from production-collective The Keyz .

With the song’s Message, vibe, bounce, and Praise it quickly touches the listener and pushes one on for a Blessed day while reminding that with God, we truly can “Have It All”; All that is meant for us.

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