[Artists On A Hill] Brandyln – Found Peace Through Jesus

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Record Label

DATAM Records



Name Of Song

Leap of Faith


Where Are You From?

Montreal, Canada

What’s Your Story?

BrandyIn, By his real name Brandon is a young artist from Montreal , Canada.

He’s grown in a christocentric family and despite being surrounded by christian people, he still didn’t find any meaning in christianity. One day, during a youth retreat, he got hit by the overwhelming love of God and chose to follow Christ.

He’s been playing music since he was 5 years old. He started as a pianist for 4 years then switched to drums and kept playing it until today. Then he started getting interested in beat making trying many genres like Trap, R&B, Trapsoul, Dancehall and more!

BrandyIn is a lover of music and thinks that it’s a faster way to communicate directly with people’s hearts. He’s also convinced that God gave him his musical talents to serve and spread the Word. Brandy is willing to use his musical skills to spread the gospel and touch people’s hearts with his testimony.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

Brandy had to face a health diagonis which discouraged him a lot. He went through a little depression which prevented him from pursuing God and His plans for his life. Later on, after a lot of prayer and a lot of encouragement from his young adults pastor, his family and his friends, Brandy made a promise to God that no matter what happened to him, he would NEVER stop praising God. This brought a lot of peace to his heart and he went right back to making music and spreading the gospel through it.

What Is Your Song About?

Here’s how Brandy came up with the idea behind his single “Leap of Faith” :

We are all in some type of way faithful into something. Whether we believe that we’re going to have good grades, that the world is going to be a better place or that we’re going to get healed from a disease, faith is part of our lives. Though, we have to choose in what we put our faith, because we can easily be deceived. BrandyIn chose to have faith in God. He had faced many hardships in his life, had to deal with an misunderstood health condition. He searched everywhere for something to free him from this world but could only find true peace through Jesus. He knows what’s best for Brandy and He has a plan for his life, which is why Brandy took this leap of faith.

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Why Did You Choose Them?

Loupin is another CHH artist in the same label as BrandyIn. Although he is not rapping/singing in english, he has a lot to share about his faith and is considered a lyrical artist. He literally uses parts of the scriptures and sings them in his own modern words. He definitely has a lot to share and the french aspect could bring a whole new customer base to your platforms.

Where Can We Learn More About Them?

Here are his social links :

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Here are her streaming and social links :

Why Did You Choose Them?

Yelhsa is another artist from the same label as BrandyIn and Loupin. She released a single called “Je te cherche” which is alos in french. She featured on BrandyIn’s last album called “Hopes For Tomorrow” on the songs “Satisfied” and “Colod Blooded”. Satisfied got over 3k streams on Spotify, Yelhsa’s contribution helped a lot in giving the song a chill vibe.

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