[Artists On A Hill] D-Rock – Hope Is Found In Christ Alone

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Where Are You From?

Macomb, Illinois

What’s Your Story?

My name is Derek Johnson a.k.a. D-Rock and I was born and raised in Palm Bay, Florida. Currently residing in Macomb, Illinois.  I came from a rocky past that involved gangs, drugs and street violence. Which led to me having an encounter with Jesus that would change my life forever. I now serve in youth ministry and make CHH music. I have been releasing music since mid 2019 with hits including Silver and Gold, You Don’t Know (feat. Jay Matthews, Let Go (feat. Josiah Williams & King Marino) and Back Down (feat. N!X.)
I make music to lead others to Christ!

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

Drug addiction, going in and out of the system and getting my life straight, coming from a place of really having nothing only able to trust in God to lead me out!

What Is Your Song About?

I wrote this song because I felt like God was telling me after all that we have been through, there’s no settling! We have to keep growing and moving forward. The track touches on my own struggles and I believe that it will resonate with anyone who has been face to face with the demons of addiction. There is a better way, there is hope, and It’s found in Christ alone!

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Because he works super hard, his heart is for the Lord and he makes music that is so good! He writes, produces, mixes and masters all his own stuff! Truly gifted!

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What Other Artist Do You Recommend?


Where Can We Learn More About Them?


Why Did You Choose Them?

He is dedicated, his heart is for the Lord and his music is dope! Real Christian Trap! He’s a youngin on a mission for sure!

What Other Artist Do You Recommend?


Why Did You Choose Them?

A man on fire for the Lord, makes great music, and is dedicated to his craft! Constantly getting better!

Where Can We Learn More About Them?


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