[Artists On A Hill] consciencee – Wants To Show Praise & Worship In A New Way

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Life In Abundance

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Phoenix, AZ

What’s Your Story?

Known for his addicting hooks and super versatile delivery, Conscience pushes the envelope sonically to change the landscape of the typical song making format. “Musically I want to showcase a tense balance between harnessing the known and exploring the unknown,” says Conscience. “I think it’s important if you want to do that well you have to have a good understanding of history, music, and culture paired with a brutally honest perspective that only you can speak on.” Being so selective has allowed him to focus on the values he so daringly holds onto, mainly in the gospel and exceptional musical craftsmanship. He currently just released his debut album, “LIFE INFINITY” released last Friday- a trap pop concept album with an exotic soundstage.

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What Is Your Song About?

This song is about praise and worship being shown in a new way. We are called to give glory and praise to God in everything that we do. And even in music, sometimes we’ve only seen it expressed certain ways. I wanted to honor God in a style of music that people aren’t used to hearing, which is more upbeat, exotic, and non-traditional. If the body of Christ is like a diamond, than we have many facets or cuts of praise and worship that some may not be familiar with. I want to show that part.

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What Other Artists Do You Recommend?

A.B, Weez The Satellite Kiid, Wayne Klassik

Why Did You Choose Them?

They are from my city. I watched them honor God and be faithful to showcasing excellence as men of God and to the craft. They’ve come a long way and when I think of opportunity they are the local faces I see that could use it.

Where Can We Learn More About Them?

You can search their names on any social media or media outlet. You can also occasionally see them mentioned on my various platforms.

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