[Artists On A Hill] Mikeprince – Wants to share God’s unconditional love for mankind

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Michael Ogbonna A.K.A Mikeprince is a Christian R’n’b Singer who hails from Nigeria. He started singing at the age of 11 in the high school choir. His taste for Gospel music grew when he gave his life to Christ on December 7th 2017. According to him “Music is like oxygen in my house”. He said this narrating that his Mom was also a very talented Singer right from her youthful days and he counts it all joy to have inherited that gift. He is currently an Undergraduate at J.S Tarka University Makurdi, Nigeria where he’s studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
He has also been compelled to the likes of Deitrick Haddon, Smokie Norful, Tonéx and Todd Dulaney which he also considered them to be his heroes. Mikeprince is so intentional about uniqueness, accuracy, Skillfulness and Excellence in Music delivery and other aspects of life.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

The challenges I had to overcome were;
Firstly, the decision to do Gospel music despite living in a world where secularism is rampard. But I count it all joy to called a Music Minister. I also abandoned my childhood dream of becoming a professional footballer. Most persons were not happy wit that decision but it’s the call of God and I can’t argue God’s call upon my life.
Secondly, my decision not to have friends who are ungodly, although I try my best to bring them to Christ daily.

What Is Your Song About?

“Overrated” is a Song talks about God’s unending, unconditional love towards mankind. Most we often fail God but it still amazes how he loves tirelessly, that kind of Love makes me feel Overrated.

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Cyfa is a multi talented Gospel Singer who Majors on Afrobeat Music. His Love and passion for God is so overwhelming.

Where Can We Learn More About Them?

Instagram; @cyfagram
Facebook: Cyfa
Spotify: Cyfa

What Other Artists Do You Recommend?

Bethel Olaje

Where Can We Learn More About Them?

Instagram: 4evabethel
Facebook: Bethel Olaje
Spotify: Bethel Olaje

Why Did You Choose Them?

Bethel Olaje is an exceptional singer, undoubtedly she’s so unique.

What Other Artists Do You Recommend?

A Mose

Why Did You Choose Them?

A Mose is simply a Talented freak. He’s so diverse and extremely courageous to Make beautiful music.

Where Can We Learn More About Them?

Instagram: amose_music
Facebook: A Mose
Spotify: A Mose

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