[Artists On A Hill] Delvon Dupree – Encouraging Others To Have Victory In Their Lives Through God

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Delvon Dupree

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Delvon Dupree

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Delvon Dupree is an emerging artist, speaker and author paving his own way in the world of music and the arts. A true self-starter, the up-and-coming artist isn’t waiting around to be ‘discovered’. He is independently creating art to inspire all those he has been created to. His music, speaking and writing tells the inspiring story of Delvon’s struggles, triumphs, and growth in his pursuit for God and His life’s purpose.

Delvon initially started his music journey working in groups, but eventually decided to head out on a solo career and ambitiously began writing, performing and recording his own projects completely on his own accord. This was soon put on hold as various life experiences revealed that his need for God was more important than his attempt to continue on the path he was heading in. So he took some time out to rekindle his connection with God. After walking this path for some time, the fire suddenly ignited within him again and Delvon felt a strong desire to come back and finish what he started in music.

Delvon’s music is a journey through the life and mind of a unique artist and brings an intelligently fresh style to a seemingly over saturated genre. He aims for his music to uplift, encourage, challenge and inspire others to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be. Believing that he’s now doing what he has been put on this planet to do after discovering his life purpose through God.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

I’ve had to overcome myself, what others thought and said about. I’ve had to over come doubting myself, wondering rather I was good enough, overcoming strongholds in my life. I’ve had to endure despite others not believing or supporting. I’ve had to overcome the overall way I’ve thought about life as a whole.

What Is Your Song About?

My song Victory was written to encourage others to know that we can have Victory in our lives through God.

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Emilio Sarabia

Why Did You Choose Them?

I meet him some years back and I really love his desire to want to please God in his life and music.

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IG: Emilio Sarabiaa

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