[Artists On A Hill] Kalem Moses – Wants To Share Experience Of Love & Gratefulness To The Lord

Artist Name

Kalem Moses Beat Produced by Anno Domini Nation

Name Of Song

Glory To The Lord

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Where Are You From?

Moose Jaw, Sk Living in Fort St John BC Canada now

What’s Your Story?

Never living much of life with God I found myself lost to heavy addiction, losing my girlfriend at the time and two kids i found a Desperation and found my self in a recovery program which a few years after being involved in the recovery atmosphere ended up finding myself to the Lord July 20th 2020. I look to Minister and Bring those who were like me to Christ through my gift that God has graciously given me.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

Losing my family, a loss of self, feeling different then most people around myself ( alienated ). Heavy addictions. teachings of the worldly views such as traditional teachings like a man is only to work a 9 to 5 to provide for his family. At the start of my pursuit in music everyone criticized me. One of the biggest challenges i had to overcome was Overcoming the ego that was built on worldly beliefs and overcame the chains of Sin.

What Is Your Song About?

My song is to remind those who can get caught falling asleep by falling into the worldly ways. Unfortunately a very common thing in todays age with all that’s going on.. But i share my experience of Love and complete Gratefulness towards the lord for when he helps awaken us we get an overwhelming understanding of all the works that he has placed in our journey and all the work he continues to do even if we are asleep. How truly amazing the feeling of his Faithfulness is.
This song was also a contest submission for Anno Domini’s Best Rapper Alive. As I state in the song itself I don’t have to or wish to try and prove my worth or how good I am to anyone here but only to please God and I really try by just sharing a little of my recent experience to Glorify his Glory in not only how I’ve changed as a person in a short period of time.. Also how much he’s mended my life back with my Loving Wife and our four kids.

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