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Michael Leonard Simmons

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Tell Me

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Where Are You From?

Tampa Fl

What’s Your Story?

Michael Leonard Simmons is a Floridian producer, songwriter, and artist. He is known for his unique voice, and deep vibes displayed within his songs. The music of Michael Leonard Simmons is a combination of God centered Hip Hop, with a Lo-Fi Vibe.

Although he makes all kinds of music, he enjoys writing those moody Conscious Rap songs that you can feel.

Born and raised in the inner City of Tampa Florida, Michael inspired to become more than his environment. During troubled times, Michael rebound, and found himself in Jesus Christ.

Having a renewed mind, Michael decided to shine light on this corrupt world through his music. Although it’s not a popular choice, Michael does a great job of shinning light on dark topics. Michael Is hoping to impact this world in a Godly way, through his music, for many years to come.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

Just typical every day inner city kid challenges.

What Is Your Song About?

This single “Tell me” is simply about telling someone you love them. We struggle as human beings sometimes to express love. We struggle to even tell people we actually love, that we love them (verbally). We were made to love. It’s needed to shine light into this hateful world.

So, if you never were told that you’re loved. . . I truly Love you. You were made in the image of God. Which means, you are worthy to be Loved!

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