[Artists on a Hill] TheEDGE – Wants To Help People Encounter God & Be Transformed By His Power

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Not Afraid feat. Noah Walker

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TheEDGE is the youth ministry of Victory Family Centre in Singapore. Each week, TheEDGE band leads hundreds of young people in worship at locations all across the city, believing that they can encounter the presence of God and be transformed by His power.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

The local music scene isn’t the most supportive so we’ve had to get people to be accepting of our music!

What Is Your Song About?

Not Afraid was written, recorded, and produced during lockdown in 3 different countries! In a time with so much fear and discouragement, we wanted to put out music that would encourage people and stir their faith. This track is a powerful declaration of who God is, and a statement of intent of what our response should be!

We hope that this track will inspire everyone and fill you with faith and hope! We also had the privilege of collaborating with Noah Walker (Planetboom/Planetshakers) on this track, one of the artists we respect and are inspired by heaps!

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Cutting edge music for young people. Anointed and powerful stuff!

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What Other Artists Do You Recommend?

Elevation Youth

Where Can We Learn More About Them?

Why Did You Choose Them?

Really great guys, super helpful and collaborative. Love their music.

What Other Artists Do You Recommend?

Young Pioneers

Why Did You Choose Them?

Fresh sounds, really anointed guys. Have an incredible heart for the next generation.

Where Can We Learn More About Them?

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