[Artists on a Hill] Donielle Houston – Uses Talents and Insights to Glorify God

Artist Name

Donielle Houston

Name Of Song

Fill Me Up


Where Are You From?

Philadelphia, PA

What’s Your Story?

If you ask Donielle what the Lord has done for her, she will tell you about God’s infinite grace and provision, and admit that there’s so much more to come and that there is more for you too! That’s what she does. A dynamic singing talent, hailing from Philadelphia and formally trained at the renowned High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA), she seeks to use her talents and insights, both on and off stage, to glorify God and proclaim his glory.

As an independent artist, Donielle has done a great deal of work under her previous name Donielle Rodwell, including features with other amazing artists like Da’ T.R.U.T.H. on “Freedom” and “Real Love,” Jahaziel’s “Better”, and many more. Donielle was among the first Gospel artists to perform at the TLA in Philly since 2010. In 2014, Donielle won the Gospel PHL Live Center Stage competition, a city-wide contest sponsored by councilman David Oh, which then allowed her to take the stage at Philadelphia’s famous Dell Music Center. She has also had the privilege of opening for Fred Hammond and The Walls Group.

While her accomplishments and collaborations are great and many, her ultimate goal is to minister and worship through her life and craft that people would come to know Jesus and know Him as a healer, deliverer, savior, and so much more as she has. Donielle will be releasing a series of singles over the next few months building up to a full project! It’s her prayer that this music helps bring listeners closer to her great, gracious, and loving savior: Jesus Christ.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

I was a foster child since 5 years old then later adopted. I was blessed to not be bounced around the system. My brother and I were cared for and adopted by 1 family. My adoptive mom introduced me to Jesus at a young age. I had a lot of issues. I was sexually abused as a child pre-foster care. Then when I became an adult, I battled severe depression. This whole time, I was a born-again believer. The Lord was with me, even while depressed. He kept me and gave me an amazing testimony to share, which I love to do through my songwriting and music.

What Is Your Song About?

After taking a departure from a 5-year record deal that didn’t work out at the time, and a brief break from a guy I liked (who would later become my husband), I was inspired to write this song. ‘Fill Me Up’ is about the heartbreak and disappointment we face after our hopes don’t turn out the way we thought, and how we turn to the Lord at those times. It’s also about how we can be so easily distracted, let down, and disillusioned by life events and our need for God in those times as well.

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What Other Artists Do You Recommend?


Why Did You Choose Them?

She’s sooo dope and I admire her so much. Her gift and integrity.

Where Can We Learn More About Them?


What Other Artists Do You Recommend?

Ryan Chew

Where Can We Learn More About Them?


Why Did You Choose Them?

I recently discovered and connected with him on Instagram and his songwriting skills are amazing.

What Other Artists Do You Recommend?

Robin Williams, Jr.

Why Did You Choose Them?

He’s one of the producers of my song ‘Fill Me Up’ and my other song ‘Each Soul Longs for God.’ He’s an artist himself as well. His music is very creative and dope.

Where Can We Learn More About Them?


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