[Artists on a Hill] DJ PJ – Inspired To Make Music At Eight Years Old

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PJ Productionz

Let it Rock (Feat.Jm3)


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What’s Your Story?

Started making beats when I graduated high school and started selling them but before that I was learning how to read music back in elementary school. In middle school & high school I was apart of the band and I was one of the students that got elected to be apart of the San Joaquin county honor band as well as Tracy honor band as a percussionist. At 8 years old I got baptized in church at good news missionary baptist church Tracy,Ca as well as played drums for their youth ministry & during offering time and that’s what inspired me to make music I can also play the piano to I learned to play by looking up my favorites songs on YouTube and did covers of it and upload it to social media. Some of my favorite producers are Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Lil Jon, and Swizz Beatz.

What Are The Challenges You Had To Overcome?

I had to overcome some people bullying me when I was in elementary and kindergarten because of the I’ve been sexually harassed before when I had to use the bathroom then some of them got physical with me, I used to get in trouble for being physical with someone who was being physical to me first some teachers told my parents that I was being to aggressive and I would get a tally mark. In high school I was getting bullied online and sexually harassed online. But the only time it wasn’t that bad was Middle school because I was in the band, so that helped my social life a lil bit and during the summer in middle school I went to the boys and girls club of Tracy to help my social life grow because I’m a lil introverted & I don’t be friends with everybody. for the half of 2019 me and my parents became homeless so I couldn’t make any music and I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters grown and gone they already got they own place I don’t have to share lol. Our first night of being homeless we slept in car’s then the next day we found a hotel to stay in for a while cuz I was workin helping my parents & going to college at San Joaquin delta college mountain house campus studying music

What Is Your Song About?

so I know Kevin Rudolf made a rock version to let it rock & I found a free melody sample loop called Pop off on looperman.com they got free loops from then what I did was I made my own beat with it and turned into a gospel hip hop song. What I want listeners to get is that when some people start makin fun of you just let it rock cuz eventually it will die out the more you ignore them.

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Why Did You Choose Them?

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