[Artists On a Hill] J Speaks the Poet – Using a Gift to Step Out On Faith

Artist Name: J Speaks the Poet

Record Label: I Am Gospel

Where Are You From? San Diego, CA (Currently lives in Houston, TX)

What’s Your Story?

JSpeaks has been a poet at heart and has had the gift of rhyme all of his life, but has only been writing and reciting seriously since 2009. Most recently he has added songwriting, rapping, and book writing to his portfolio of God-given gifts. One day, in 2008 he was sitting at home, quietly watching television, when he literally heard the voice of the Lord tell him, “I GAVE YOU A GIFT…USE IT!!!” He has been going hard ever since. Born in Hawaii, raised in San Diego, CA, and having been blessed to travel the world because of his father’s military service in the U.S. Navy, JSpeaks has been exposed to so much, which has blessed him to be able to minister and relate to people from all over the world. He ministers through his talent not for entertainment purposes, but for the Word of God to be conveyed in a different form, to trigger the minds and hearts of the people to realize that this world is bigger than them and to ultimately lead people to form an intimate relationship with the Lord.

What Are the Challenges You Had to Overcome?

1. Being a shy kid and overcoming social anxiety. Not realizing I had social anxiety as a child and now being the social butterfly I am today. 

2. Stage Fright – Not only was I a shy child, but I was also deathly afraid of being on stage in front of any amount of people. So, being the artist that I am today, gracing many stages in front of various numbers of people is a great growth celebration for me.

What Is Your Song About?

This song came about through watching a friend share his testimony and reflecting on my life from running the streets partying, drinking/driving, and smoking to where I am now as a follower of Christ. Get ready for all 2019 this song #LongWay speaks to us as runners running a race with the endurance to finish strong as Believers! This song is also rooted in the fact that 15 years ago I received salvation and Jesus Christ came into my heart to rule and reign in my life. So, in celebration of my 15 year anniversary of dedicating my life to Jesus Christ, I present to you the single “Long Way” feat. Urgency for my upcoming album “You Think You Know Me?” COMING SOON!!!

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Other Artists You Support


Why Did You Choose Them?

He is a man of God and he has been rapping for the Lord for over 30 years now. He is my mentor and big brother in this industry and he has invested in many many artists here in the city of Houston and surrounding areas. 

Who is Educator? Every Day Understanding Christ And Teaching Others Righteousness…Temetrius Gistand aka Educator began his gospel rap ministry/career in 1990. He gave his life to Christ and was baptized. Then after studying the bible and getting closer in his walk with the Lord, he starting going out to share the good news. He has been ministering in rhyme for over 30 years. His mission is to encourage the youth and adults to come to Christ. He is married and has 5 children. As a devoted husband and father, he is determined to reach the world by providing inspired music and personal testimonies of the goodness and grace of God. Though the mission continues to be winning souls to Christ, God has blessed him with favor to be recognized with different awards that include:

  • 2002 Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards Runner-Up
  • 2003 Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards Gospel Rap Artist of the Year
  • 2004 Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards Gospel Rap Artist of the Year
  • 2005 Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards Gospel Rap Artist of the Year
  • 2006 Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards Most Inspirational Artist
  • 2009 Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards Gospel Rap Artist of the Year
  • 2010 Rhema Award Holy Hip Hop Artist Recognition for Service in the Community

Now he has embarked on a venture as Executive Producer/Founder of IAMGOSPEL Productions; where the mission of IAMGOSPEL is to “Imagine, Innovate, and Inspire to Create an Empire through the Good News.” To date, Educator has released 18 albums; the most recent projects include Imprint: Lifetime Impression (2010), Imprint 2.0 (2011), Imprint 3 Legacy (2012), Revival (2013), Revival 2 Genesis (2014), Cator Chronicles (2015), Oasis: Freedom in Christ (2016), 17th album release Imprint Forever (2017), and 18th studio album called “Royalty” (2018)

Where Can We Learn More About Them?


– https://www.youtube.com/user/EducatorGospelMusic

– https://www.instagram.com/educatorgospel

– https://www.facebook.com/Educator-Gospel-Music-306633836057811


Where Can We Learn More About Them?


– https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaB_YHf6mQi8svNUYY92CQw

– https://www.facebook.com/1GODiamgospel/?ref=page_internal&path=1GODiamgospel

– https://twitter.com/IAMGOSPEL_1GOD

– https://www.instagram.com/1goddotcom/

Why Did You Choose Them?

Damon McLemore, 1God, grew up in a small black suburb called Mo. City. Mo. City is where he was introduced to rap music and began to start honing his skills as a rapper. Influenced by local greats such as Street Military, SPC coalition, UGK and others he began his own group call the BAD SEEDZ. After graduating from Willowridge High School he pursued his rap career full time until street beefs and lack of progress made him realize education should be a priority in his life.

As 1God ventured into college GOD began to prick his sinful heart. Though never really attending church as a kid, as young adult, he knew very little about Jesus however by GOD’s grace he sent brothers in 1God’s life that would eventually lead him to Christ. As he journeyed through college he pledged Alpha Phi Alpha where he met Malcolm Marshall (Excelsius) and this brother would help spear head his transformation into the Kingdom of GOD. After being disciple by X for several years, he began working on his debut album TroubleMaker. Following the debut album, 1God crank out a Gospel banger collaboration album with Excelsius called The Alpha Project. Trailing that album is 1God’s latest was “Revenge of da Gospel “which helped him stamp his mark as a legitimate Gospel Rap artist and brought this young man into a national arena. His “Leaders of Tha New School” album, help show that there is unity the CHH community by suggesting that we all must become leaders in Christ. Now, please check out his newest and best release to date, “Murder”. This album is a classic hip hop album that glorifies God, by understanding that we must all die to the flesh in order to live free in Christ. It is available on all music stores (iTunes, Amazon, and Cdbaby).

Mr. Grays

Why Did You Choose Them?

Gospel Artist Shyrill Grays discovered his passion for music early in life and has Gospel music in his blood. As the grandson of a worship leader, one might think that this musician and songwriter would walk in the same exact footsteps as his grandmother. However, as part of a new generation, he extended his music ministry to include choir music, praise and worship and gospel rap.Raised in Houston, Texas, Shyrill now lives in Cypress, Texas. He took to Gospel music while growing up in the church, learning to play the piano and keyboard at an early age. He realized that his affinity was for writing, producing, and singing versatile Gospel /R&B styled music. His unique style of inspirational music demonstrates the passionate Christian message in which he lives, and he is setting a new standard in inspirational music.

Already embraced by Gospel rap artist, Educator, Shyrill’s track displays the many talents of the Houston, TX –bred singer and songwriter. He got his first taste of the spotlight when releasing an album under Nu Camp Entertainment Gospel Record Label, as a member of the gospel group Disciples of Prophecy. His heart for those who are broken are in need, has encouraged him to volunteer his time for organizations such as prison ministry. This opportunity is simply any extension of his music ministry. He says, “I look forward to this upcoming album to be inspirational and encouraging to all listeners.” Overall, music is his gift and ministry that is shared to glorify God.

Where Can We Learn More About Them?

– https://iamgospel.us/mr-grays

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