Hostyle Gospel Teams With 1K Phew, Joe Glass III for Michael Jordan-Inspired Single, “June 98”

by Danita White

The latest single from hip hop group, Hostyle Gospel, finds its inspiration in a Michael Jordan quote. “They can’t win unless we quit!” the basketball legend said after the Chicago Bulls’ second defeat of the Utah Jazz in June of 1998. Such a profound statement also applies to our Christian faith. We can only experience defeat if we give up. Otherwise, all we can do is win.

Perfectly titled “June 98,” Hostyle Gospel’s single refers to the year of the final NBA Championship won by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. The group teams with Reach Records’ 1K Phew and upcoming indie artist Joe Glass III to proclaim the victory they have through Christ, as well as make note of the humility it takes to become a champion.

Jordan Rodman Pippen, some of the lyrics go, they ain’t winning less we quittin
Crucifixion in my vision I ain’t asking for permission uh
Spirit in my engine inching closer to slippin a clip in the grip and I squeeze
hitting a demon he scream and he flip
When the weapon is present I give you a gift
All free no slaves live forever no age
Got sin got grace always win I got faith

Despite the adverse conditions and circumstances that we go through in life, everything that we experience is used to make us champions through our faith in Christ. With this type of positive mindset, Hostyle Gospel, 1K Phew, and Joe Glass III deliver another triumphant anthem for champions of the faith all over.

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