3 New Indie CHH Singles to Kick Your Week Off Right

by Danita White

August is here already. It’s hard to believe the year is more than halfway over. And while 2020 has been labeled as a bad year on so many levels, it’s been a pretty good one music-wise for positive hip hop.

Independent artists such as Brinson and Nomis to more established artists like Lecrae have kept us jamming through quarantine. And it doesn’t look like the dope tunes will be stopping anytime soon. A couple new singles to add to your playlist have recently dropped. Check them out below and drop a comment letting us know what your favorite song so far this year has been!

Jentile x Monty G // “Wanna Make A Difference”

“Wanna Make A Difference” stems from a place of personal pain. The author, Jentile, was a victim of childhood trauma. It’s through those experiences he is able to extend a empathetic hand to those who have suffered a similar fate. Spreading a message of love of others over self, Jentile hopes to encourage listeners to do the same.

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Dee Black x GS // “I’m So Glad”

We all have doubters and haters. Sometimes that doubt and hate can come from within. “I’m So Glad” is an anthem that celebrates overcoming that doubt and hate.

Dee Black teams up with GS for a summer anthem, “I’m so glad I didn’t listen when they said I couldn’t do it.”

“I’m So Glad” merch is available now. Each shirt purchase comes with a free download. https://godsloveapparel.net/

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Sivion x Dre Murray x Sojourn // “Better”

Somehow we’ve made it to the middle of what has been a tumultuous 2020 thus far. A much needed pep talk has arrived in the form of the brand new single from Sivion, Dre Murray and Sojourn reminding us that things will get better.

Over lush and smooth synthy grooves by MALEX, all three rhyme writers tell personal tales of the struggles they’ve faced yet they lace the diction with hope and optimism. Singer Ryann Darling provides the perfect pastiche for the verses with luxuriant vibes which turn the prevailing chaos into ultimate clarity.

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