Brinson Releases 10th LP, “Throw the Crown”

by Danita White

Christian rapper Brinson recently released his 10th studio album.

And that’s saying a lot because not many artists can say they’ve recorded and released 10 full-length albums in their career. What’s more? All of Brinson’s albums have been released under an independent label. What’s even more? All Brinson does is rap about Jesus. So, to say that Brinson’s latest album is special is kind of an understatement.

Titled Throw the Crown, the album includes production from Frank “Nitty” Pimentel (who has produced multi-platinum hits for Tupac, Biggie, J-Lo and others). It showcases GodChaserz Entertainment’s flagship artist/owner standing shoulder to shoulder with some of hip hop’s standouts. Christian rap vets Pettidee, Dre Murray, ReadyWriter, and Selah the Corner are featured on Throw the Crown, while up-and-comers Oatmeal, Steven Malcolm, and Xay Hill also lend a hand.

“This is a milestone effort for me as an artist and a label,” Brinson said. “I’m blessed the Lord saw fit to let me do it for this long and I promise to keep going as hard as I ever did to proclaim His majesty.”

The first single “U Know” gives listeners a nice intro to Throw the Crown and features singer/producer Norman Michael.

Brinson is celebrating this musical milestone by releasing several tangible experiences including a new book, three limited edition t-shirt designs, and, for the first time ever, a small batch vinyl pressing of the songs.

Throw the Crown is now available on all digital music platforms. Physical copies and other merch can be found at

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