Lecrae’s “Masks for the People” Initiative Is Making a Huge Impact

by Robert Warren

Reaching over $50,000 to supply masks and sanitizer is an initiative called “Masks for the People,” targeting the most marginalized people in society from those who are homeless to prisoners. After continued work in the community Lecrae joined the move and has shown quite large results as this $50,000 success came to show. This is an initiative launched by Pastor Mark McBride of Live Free USA and comedian W. Kamau Bell.

When it comes to COVID-19, those who are living in marginalized areas can really struggle to get masks. While many of us think nothing of getting a mask and sanitizer bottles at the local store, it may be really difficult for those in poverty to obtain these items. That’s where this campaign comes in, to help those in need who can’t afford it.

There’s a huge impact being made here, making sure everyone is being well taken care of. Taking their time to put together these mask kits for the people. This is the “Masks for the People” campaign.

Going down to the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spent his last birthday before he passed away, Lecrae visited and joined the campaign trail initially where he received a pack of protective wear they made and called it an honor to join the campaign. He starred in a video for the campaign which led to them raising that $50,000 from all the good hearts that wanted to contribute.

As the Centers for Disease Control pushes for mandates on masks continually, it’s comforting knowing the “Masks for the People” campaign is out there working to help those who otherwise wouldn’t have a mask.

The campaign works to help inmates, protestors and those living on the streets. It’s an initiative giving out baggies containing a hand sanitizer bottle and a weeks’ worth of masks in each kit. Through the hands that pack these kits one by one together with sanitizer and masks, they are working for change. It’s a move to make a difference and make an impact.

While many people take for granted how easy it is to put on a mask and get hand sanitizer, this campaign targets the marginalized people in society, and delivers. The aim however is to eventually get to one million dollars of help in society. Will it happen? We will see but there is definitely change being made. One person at a time, the “Masks for the People” initiative is making a difference.

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