[INSPIRATION] Tyler Perry, The Beatles, and Making a Difference in a Time of Police Brutality

by Robert Warren

When it comes to wrongdoings, there is a big one that has been in the news lately – Officer Derek Chauvin holding his knee to George Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds, killing him. One of The Beatles’ most popular songs is “All You Need Is Love”. So, why is it that the world is taking excessive force to African Americans? Escalating quickly from the George Floyd incident, protesters are hitting the streets and being met with rubber bullets, tear gas, and more.

There’s something wrong here. Police are using tear gas, rubber bullets, and more. The protesters are turning to rioting and looting. Small businesses, already being impacted by coronavirus, are getting even more damaged in some incidents by things such as bricks. What originally seemed like peaceful protests has quickly escalated to damaging violence.

When The Beatles sang the song, “All You Need Is Love”, what is it that attracts us to it? Could it be “love, love, love,” or could it truly be that all we need is love? Why can’t we all find that? A way to interact peacefully and with empathy so that others are empowered?

We kind of do. After the death of George Floyd several people in Minneapolis took the site where George Floyd was killed and put flowers, signs, and empowering messages. Black Lives Matter took to Twitter and created several petitions people could sign to make a difference. In one protest in Washington, D.C., protesters even joined together and sung “Lean on Me”. In Fort Worth, officers hugged some of the protesters after they prayed together.

Now, unfortunately, like the George Floyd incident, there is another Black man wrongfully killed, Rayshard Brooks. While Brooks didn’t pose a threat, a white Atlanta police officer gunned down Brooks, kicked him and shot him in the back as he was left dying on the ground. As the world seeks to find love there is another incident of police brutality here. We must, as The Beatles sing, “come together right now” if we hope to find love in a hateful world.

When it comes to The Beatles they have some wise words, being recognized as the most influential band of all time. They were integral to the 1960’s counterculture, helped socio-cultural movements, and revolutionized the music industry as an art form. No doubt reflecting on them can help us understand the best way to deal with a crisis. Which in this case is sort of an inception on the topic of a crisis within a crisis. An issue that has always been around but is just getting more recognition and being heard. Also an issue happening during a time of a deadly virus to complicate it even more.

As The Beatles sing “All you need is Love, all together now”, that’s what we need is to all be together in love. Tyler Perry has the right idea. Perry took to Instagram and is paying for Rayshard Brooks funeral and Brooks’ four kids’ college educations. This is making a difference right here. This is what the world needs, love.

It’s a complicated situation in the world right now, as people are starting to take a deeper understanding of the real issues at hand. It becomes a question now of how can America diversify itself more, and really become equal to opportunities and the way it lays down justice? As police begin getting more trainings, as business industries work to diversify their work places, and as parents begin to teach their children about the real issues in the world, we will learn again what it means to truly love one another. It isn’t an easy situation, but as author Adriana Locke says, “The best things in life don’t come easy, but those things are the ones worth the sacrifice”.

So maybe now we can learn to love again, by looking at Perry, The Beatles, and Locke for inspirations to a better future.

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