by Diana Ramirez

Hey there, my brothers and sisters. I pray today you are full of God’s love and see His hand in every area of your life.

Lately, I have just been sitting and abiding in God’s presence. It is like I can’t get enough of Him. Hours feel like minutes and minutes feel like seconds. He has been breaking down wrong thought patterns in my mind and just rebuilding them with His truth. It has been the most beautiful and humbling experience. It’s like a whole new restructure being built so that these things He is building up will all be on solid ground and not be toppled.

I have been thinking about the story of Mary in the Bible so much. How she came and in an act of faith broke her costly jar of perfume and anointed Jesus. She wiped His feet with her own hair. Not caring what others thought of who she was and what she did. She knew Jesus deeply and took what she had to anoint Him. Others who were right there in proximity to Him didn’t even know who they were sitting with and were completely blinded. But Mary wasn’t. She had chosen to sit at God’s feet even when her sister Martha had ridiculed her for it. She knew the importance of pouring it all out to Him and abiding in Him.

When her brother Lazarus died and she was told Jesus called her she ran out. Her deep called unto Jesus’ deep and He wept when she told Him if He would’ve been there her brother would not have died. (John 11:32) Her heart posture of “I don’t understand but I trust You” moved Jesus. She knew Him not just outwardly but inwardly. She had spent time with Him in the secret place that even as she grieved she was honest with Him and exposed herself. Just the beauty of taking all you have and no matter the cost pouring it out to Jesus, anointing Him and His feet.

His feet, the place where you can’t get any lower. The posture of going low so Jesus can come in and do what He needs to do. A place of submitting and trusting Him. And I cry every time I think of it. That we have oil that Jesus wants and it’s up to all of us to see if we will pour it out to Him no matter the cost. How beautiful it is that He wants our oil. Yours, mine it doesn’t matter our skin color or our social economic status. Because when He created us, He created us all as sons and daughters of His. I pray that during these times you seek Him and abide in Him. That you pour out your oil of worship, praise and time unto Him, the only one who matters. We must decrease so that He can increase!!!

Everything you have, give it to Him. Don’t hold anything back because He does not hold anything back from us. The questions, the doubts, the fears, the anger, lay it all down so that He can take it up and exchange peace, love, courage, and joy. Let your worship and praise be louder than your fears and insecurities. Meet Him in the secret place where it is just you and Him. Make it a place you long to always be at because with Him is the safest place you will ever be!

Much love,
The Christian Blogger

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