Reach Records Puts Spotlight on Unseen Creatives Amid COVID-19

by Danita White

The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has put a pause on life as normal all over the world. Schools are shut. Businesses are closed. Sporting and entertainment events have been canceled.

As a result, many people, especially those in creative fields, have found themselves out of work and facing financial hardships due to tour and event cancellations and travel being stopped.

Reach Records, the flagship record label of Christian hip hop, has made sure to take care of its own during this time of crisis. Over the past few weeks, Reach Records re-activated its 116 Life and has been highlighting the stories of creators who help push the Unashamed Movement forward. Along with their stories, Venmo and CashApp handles have also been shared so fans and followers can donate to these creators and their families.

DJ Promote, a producer and DJ who traveled on tour with Lecrae, is the latest to be featured.

Speaking about how COVID-19 has affected him and his business, DJ Promote said, “It has definitely stopped all of our shows, but it has actually helped me in a lot of ways too. When we went on lockdown the whole world stopped which allowed my brain to dial in and focus more on my craft and career. I’m usually working on multiple creative projects at the same time, for myself and other people. But since there was absolutely nothing happening I was able to fully focus in a way I couldn’t before.”

Check out DJ Promote’s full feature here and visit for more 116 Life creator stories.

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