[NEWS] Good News About Coronavirus – Hope for the Christian Community

COVID-19 has definitely changed our society completely. But, it can be depressing and stressful to only focus on the negatives during this tough time. While it can be difficult to keep up the positive attitude going, there are plenty of blessings of God that we shouldn’t ignore. There is plenty of hope for the Christian community if you look for it in the right place.

Candles in a church

Here is some good news that is emerging from the planet right now:

Work on vaccines
Work on vaccines has started in almost all countries around the world. Biopharmaceutical scientists have started work on creating a vaccine as quickly as they can, and there is loads of good news in this area. China is currently testing five vaccine options and purposes that they could have one ready for use by next month. There is also plenty of work being done in America and Germany too, with 21 companies working on it.

Environmental revival
Air pollution in cities all over the world has plummeted drastically in huge quantities. Washington Post has found that there has been a drastic decrease in the number of greenhouse gasses all over the world. This may be due to the fact that people are self-quarantining and staying at home. With most international travel banned, pollution from airplanes has also decreased. With the use of oil steadily decreasing every day, oil spills and leaks have decreased too.

The water in the canals of Venice has never been cleaner too.

Giving comfort in new ways
From people playing instruments and singing on their balconies to dancing in deserted streets in San Francisco, everyone is trying to spread comfort and joy in different ways. There are plenty of musicians giving out free concerts online and sharing new music to appease fans. This can be quite uplifting in this hard time.

Communities coming together
A lot of communities are coming together to make sure that everyone gets through this as best as they can. There have been countless reports of people picking up medicine, shopping for the high-risk candidates, and donating money, masks, and gloves. This shows that we have each other’s back when it comes down to it.

The church is getting creative
There is hope for the Christian community because the Church is expanding to online spaces. Christians are continuing to innovate and get creative with bible studies and sermons. It’s heartwarming how Christians continue to turn towards their God during this hard time too.

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