[NEWS] The Pope’s Thoughts and Actions on COVID-19

The Pope’s Thoughts and Actions on COVID-19 by Power 77 Radio

The Pope is a symbol of hope and peace for a lot of people for centuries. The recent Pope has made plenty of headlines for being more in tune with the needs of the youth. It is vital to understand the words by the Pope on coronavirus because they can give you true insight into how to manage through this tough time.

St. Preter’s Church in Vatican City - The Pope's Thoughts and Actions on COVID-19.
St. Peter’s Church in Vatican City

Getting creative and inventive with kindness
In the latest sermon, the Pope spoke on COVID-19, saying, “I’m living this as a time of great uncertainty. It’s a time for inventing, for creativity… the creativity of the Christian needs to show forth in opening up new horizons, opening windows, opening transcendence toward God and toward people, and in creating new ways of being at home. It’s not easy to be confined to your house.”

No matter which denomination you hail from, these words can be truly inspiring. In these hard times, it can be great for all of us to get more creative and inventive with our current situation. Here are some inspiring and creative acts of kindness that are sure to make your heart warm up.

  1. A couple had to get married in their home because of the coronavirus, and all their neighbors attended and wished them well from their cars.
  2. Neighbors sang a Happy Birthday to an 80-year-old grandmother through the windows that left her in happy tears.
  3. A teenager suffering from a brain tumor was unable to have visitors anymore due to the coronavirus, so members of the Church did a drive-by around his house to make sure he knew they wished him well.

These are just three out of hundreds of amazing stories that have been emerging every day. Some people are leaving free sterilized balloons outside their homes for strangers to pick up as they go by while others are going on errand runs for their neighbors and loved ones. During such increasingly hard times, it is these small acts of creative kindness that will help us get through this crisis.

The Pope also commented, “We have to respond to our confinement with all our creativity. We can either get depressed or alienated – through media that can take us out of our reality—or we can get creative.”

While all of us must continue to yearn to get back to Church or be with our community members again, there is a lot else we can do to stay connected. You can turn towards online sermons, check up on your friends and family, do small acts of kindness, share your favorite music with peers, and so much more to have a better and relaxed quarantine.

The Pope’s Thoughts and Actions on COVID-19 by Power 77 Radio

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