by Diana Ramirez

Hey there, dear friend!

Hope things are going well and looking up for each one of you. Some of us are in places where we are able to do some of the things we hadn’t for weeks, with restrictions and cautions still in place. It is not back to what we would call normal but it is a new normal for us all. One thing that is certain is that we have all had to endure these trying times in one way or another.

Spring is here and has been here and it is one of my favorite times of all. To see everything blooming and coming into what it has been created to be overjoys me. I love walking outside and around the neighborhood and just seeing the trees and flowers in full bloom!

God has been weeding things out of my heart, which is our garden, during this time. Things that I may not have seen or had hidden. It has been a beautiful time and a pruning time. Being in this quarantine has been a time of so much reflection and inner healing. It was like, “God, here I am, use this time to take what needs to be taken out.”

Oh, it has been hard at times but to be brutally honest, it has also been so refreshing. To realize some of the wrong mindsets that had been holding me back come to light and God take them and replace them with His thoughts, are so freeing!

I have been meditating on the word garden. Anyone who loves to garden knows that it is a process. The soil has to be right and the temperature and atmosphere for certain plants and flowers have to be right in order for things to grow. Once the garden blooms or grows whatever is planted, you have to make sure and take care of it so that the weeds do not come out and kill what you have worked so hard on. It is such a hard but rewarding thing to do. Gardening takes time and patience. Seeds are not planted one day and then grow the next to its full potential. That is how we are.

We are a garden and God is our gardener. So, dear friend, if this has been a trying time for you know that God is just using it to take out whatever it is that is not supposed to be there. Don’t fight the process but let Him touch every part He wants to touch and let Him take out what He knows is not best for you. He loves you so much that He does not want to see you stay stagnant or for the weeds to come and kill what He has already done in you. It is hard and it hurts but it is the most freeing process. It is what is needed so that those beautiful gardens of flowers can bloom into what it has been made to be.

Every tear you have cried has watered the soil and God is saying that those gardens of flowers are about to arise! You are beautiful, chosen and beloved. He knows you and no matter what you have done loves you! You are His beautiful garden that will produce much fruit.

As you go about your day take time today to look at the beauty that surrounds you. Whether it be taking a walk outside, driving, or just stopping where you are and thanking God for all He has done and what He is about to do. Don’t push Him away but invite Him in today.

Love each one of you and praying constantly for you.

Much love,
The Christian Blogger

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