Lecrae Teams with Love Beyond Walls Charity to Deliver Sanitizing Sinks to Homeless Amid COVID-19

Grammy award-winning hip hop artist Lecrae assembles a portable wash station in College Park, Georgia. The wash stations were distributed by Lecrae and volunteers with Love Beyond Walls. (AP Photo/ Ron Harris)

The coronavirus poses a great risk to homeless people who are often living in close quarters with each other in shelters or outside with little protection. And many of them don’t have any way to sanitize their hands like the whole world is being told to do.

So Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist Lecrae teamed up with an Atlanta-based charity to help keep the homeless safe.

The Centers for Disease Control’s top recommendation to protect against the virus is by washing your hands. So Lecrae and a group of volunteers from “Love Beyond Walls” charity planted portable handwashing stations around Atlanta. 

“I wanted to continue doing the same stuff I’ve been doing in any city I’ve lived in and that’s just being close to the disenfranchised and marginalized communities,” Lecrae said. 

The charity wrote on its website that people immediately started washing their hands once the stations were delivered, expressing gratitude for the opportunity they hadn’t been given until then.

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Kayla Root

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