[INSPIRATION] Our Strong Tower

by Diana Ramirez

Dear friend,

I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

This may be a tough time for many but remember God is all around!

This world feels like it has been shaken. Everything we were used to has come crumbling down and it seems to be at a standstill. And though we could keep our eyes focused on this, it’s better to focus them on Jesus. We’ve all been taught about who Jesus is and have our own version in our head of Him, whether we admit it or not. But, dear friend, know He is here right beside you.

He is right by you and knows every anxious thought. He is just waiting for you to run to Him and cast all your worries on Him. He just wants you to let Him love on you. Many think this time is awful but in reality it’s a time we can use to draw closer to God. There are no distractions, many of us are at home or working from home. And though you may be itching for everything to go back to “normal”, enjoy this time.

What I mean is to let God in every part of your life. Use this to worship Him and abide in Him. Use this time to dig deeper into His word and to stand in the promises of what He has told you and who you know God is! He is the solid ground, unshakable, unmovable through every tempest.

Yes, what’s happening is awful. My heart breaks for these who have lost someone or who have someone sick with this awful virus. But this is commissioning us to go and do what God has called us to do. He is doing a mighty work in each one and it’s all up to us if we will let Him do what needs to be done. Don’t let this season be in vain! We have to truly believe who God is in order to have hope in times like these.

If you’ve been struggling, give it to God. He is our friend, so talk to Him as you do to your best friend. Worship Him with all you have! Worship, my dear friend! Worship Him with all you have, worship Him even when you may not feel like it. Oh, how your world and mind will turn around! You’ll feel so free because your focus is on Him.

Oh, dear friend, know I am praying for you and that God shows Himself mightily around you! He hasn’t left you or forsaken you. He is a way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper and a light in the darkness! He is our strong tower and if we run to Him, He will keep us safe! That’s a promise from our Almighty God! Take some time today to worship and adore Him.

Much love,
The Christian Blogger

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