116 Clique ‘Walk Where Jesus Walked’ in Israel, Release YouTube Short Film About Experience

A group of hip hop artists from America toured Israel together, rapping in the Holy Land, getting baptized where Jesus did, and more. (Israel Collective)

A group of rap artists toured Israel a few months ago, dropping new bars and getting baptized where Jesus did 2,000 years ago.

In September, hip hop artist Derek Minor brought the 116 Clique, a group of Christian rap artists, to the Holy Land to “walk where Jesus walked” and put together a recently released short film on YouTube called “A New Sound in Israel Vol. 2.”

“It was the time that I realized that my faith had real places,” Minor says. “That I wasn’t believing a fairy tale, but actually real places with significance and value.”

Lecrae, who sings “Blessings,” said he plans to come back again and again.

“Just the unique experience of being able to walk where Jesus walked, to see the places that David and Solomon would’ve looked at with my own eyes, I’ll never read the Bible the same way again,” Lecrae said. “My relationship with God will never be the same again.”

Minor traveled to the Holy Land in 2018 with Israel Collective, an initiative of Christians United for Israel that leads groups of young American Christians to Israel, but wanted to return with the group of artists.

It was a first trip to Israel for Andy Mineo, the “You Can’t Stop Me” singer. “It’s created a hunger inside of me to want to learn more. This place is incredible.”

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Caleb Parke

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