by Diana Ramirez

There are so many people who are not living out their full potential all due to what ifs? The what ifs have kept you stuck on the place you long to get out of. Instead of using those what ifs to hold you back, why not use them to propel you forward? What if you saw yourself the way Jesus did? What would change? What risks would you take?

See … all it takes is changing that mindset into the one God has for you. Yes, it is a struggle. Yes, it takes time. Yes, there will be days you don’t feel like doing it. But you know what? It won’t make you any less a child of God or any less a “Christian” for struggling with that. It’s all a way of adapting our minds to see what God sees. What if you stopped worrying about what people say? There’s some people we love who may be Godly and still won’t see the vision God has given you. I’m not saying don’t take sound counsel but also remind yourself who you are living for.

What if you took that big leap of faith and started that business. Or how about you started writing the books you know you’ve been called to write, or starting that podcast, ending that relationship, mending those relationships, or going back to school. What would change? What if you saw yourself like your loved ones, especially God, sees you? What are you holding back that someone out there needs? Our gifts, our talents, our callings, are not for ourselves. They are for those that God will put in your path.

What if you broke out of those chains and boxes? Are you scared to be free? Freedom is one of the most beautiful things ever, but it comes at a price. It comes when you step out of those comfort zones and when you quit agreeing with those lies Satan is telling you. What would change if you believed all that God says about you? He knit you together in your mother’s womb and He knows all He creates you for. Those good things, those hard things and everything in between. He made you with that smile, that boldness, that quietness, that strength, that so called weakness. He made you to be you!

The sooner you let go of the what ifs, the sooner you will see His beautiful plan unfold. There will be hardships and trials but it’s all part of the process! Don’t let the what ifs hold you back anymore. It’s better to try than to sit there always wondering what could have happened. Turn those negative what ifs you have into positive ones. Take that what if people talk about me and my past and turn it into what if even if they talk my testimony helps someone out who is going through the same trial?

What if I leave him and no one wants me like he says? But what if you let go and God is finally free to bring you the person He has for you that will respect and love you like God intended it to be? What if I start that business and it doesn’t succeed? What if you start that business and are able to help many out? It’s all in our mindset, brothers and sisters. Quit being afraid of what can go wrong and just trust what God is telling you. Let go of those what if’s for good now and remind yourself you were made to make a difference. You can’t make the difference you were created to make by sitting and staying in your comfort zones. Hope this makes you think and take into account all you are letting go by staying in the what if’s.

Much love,
The Christian Blogger

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