by Diana Ramirez

Today I was taking a stroll around the park because it actually was a nice day and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to walk. I love walking and just being around nature. It makes me so happy and just seeing everything reminds me how great God is. While walking I noticed the trees and how they have lost their leaves. Some trees are almost bare and others have just begun to lose their leaves. It made me think how every time winter or the cold comes around, I hear people complain how they just don’t like it and how everything just isn’t pretty. While thinking that God had me stop in my tracks.

He asked me what I thought about winter and I told him I actually like it. I love every season because when I see it, it makes me think about life. You know we all wish it was spring or summer in our lives always. The sun shining, the new blooms, the bright colors, the happiness! But if we’re completely honest life isn’t always like that.

We have those winter seasons in our life where we lose things and it just seems so cold and dreary. You’re there anticipating the better season and longing to get out of the cold. But let’s stop and put this into perspective. Now think about the trees and how they lose their leaves. Yes, it may look bare and some may say it’s ugly but think about how no matter what they stay grounded where they are. They don’t sway or think well I lost all my leaves, so I won’t reproduce again. No, they let go of those dead leaves and just weather the cold. They still reproduce when it is that season.

So now think about this. That season you may be in right now. The one where it seems like things will never get better, is just that season. God may be pruning and trimming things and you may be having a hard time letting go. Think about this. How ugly would the tree be if it kept all the dead leaves and didn’t let them go so the new leaves could come in. It’s ridiculous if you think about it right? Like who wouldn’t want to let go of something dead to receive something new and better!!! But sometimes we do that. We’re so scared of the new or get so complacent with what we know that we don’t want to let go of the old.

Things go away and die and it’s so hard for us to see the good in any of it. But I need you to remember that you have to let go of the old to receive the new. Those dreams, that job, that relationship whatever it is God is trying to take away, let it go! He has something so much better suited for you if you only trust Him. I know it’s hard to trust when it seems like you’re drowning, or you think how am I going to pay bills now. But God will never take away something without replacing it with something better!

Oh, dear child, trust me I know. I fought so hard to keep things and when they were gone, I thought how am I going to do it? Can I tell you something? And I am being 100% honest with you, life now is better than it’s ever been. Those things I thought I needed; I really didn’t need. Some of those things were actually dead weight that weren’t letting me move on and accomplish all I needed to accomplish.

So today I ask you to embrace the season you’re in, even if it is a winter season. You don’t have to like it, but trust God is doing something right now that you just can’t see. Be like a tree who may lose all its leaves but doesn’t stop reproducing and when the time is right it reproduces again.

Trust God in whatever He is doing or pruning from your life right now and know when it’s His timing the new fruit will emerge. You will reproduce good fruit and you will have a wonderful life. Thank God for those hard seasons because of them you are able to appreciate with all you have the good seasons. It makes you appreciate God and everything you have so much more!

Dear friend, if you need prayer make sure to message me. Just keep your head up and know things will get better. It isn’t and won’t always be winter! The better days and sunshine are coming. Keep holding on and looking to Him to guide you.

Much love, my friends!

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