[INSPIRATION] You Are Who You Were Meant to Be. Own It!

by Diana Ramirez

Dear Friend,

See that quote up there. That’s something I want you to engrave in your mind and heart. No matter what is going on around you or what others may say about you, God has chosen you. No amount of lies or disagreement others have with you can take away His anointing on your life.

Many people think their past or other people’s opinions matter. It doesn’t. With God, none of that matters. He chose you since before He formed you. You, my darling, were made in His image. The day you chose Him above all else is one of the best days of your life. It’s when those blinders finally come off that you can see who you truly are. There’s no more striving, no more trying to get things done on your own account, no more trying to connect with the “right people.” It’s like this whole weight just comes off of you and things that seemed difficult before suddenly become easy. Those connections to propel you forward just come naturally without you looking for them. It’s like you finally feel free and are able to be yourself.

You were made to win, love, be loved, and succeed in all you do! So, when those naysayers or your past come back to remind you of what you’ve done or what they feel you are, you can smile politely and with a sincere heart know what they say is all a lie. You are a beloved child of our Father and you were made by Him. He put all talents and gifts in you.

You don’t have to mold yourself into the world or what others think you need to be. You are who you were created to be, quirks and all. It’s those little things that set you apart from others. So you don’t have to go and try to form yourself into the mold the world creates. You break boxes and barriers because God is within you. Don’t hold yourself back any longer, dear friend. Go out there and pursue all those dreams you have left on that back burner.

When God is with you and it’s His plan for your life then you will succeed. I want you to take some time today and tell yourself and remind yourself how loved you are. How you were chosen for His purpose and kingdom and you don’t have to wish you were someone else or compete with anyone. You are the most precious jewel and there is no one like you!

Spend today and everyday repeating these words to yourself. And those days the enemy comes in, make sure to remind yourself and quote God’s word. John 15:16 has worked wonders for me, when I feel less than because of others or just anything, this verse reminds me of who I am. That changes my whole perspective on things. When I took this verse and really clung onto it my life changed. The words and hurtful actions of others made me realize that what they said didn’t matter.

I was made to make a difference in the world and will no longer be held back by people’s opinions. It’s so freeing my dear friend!! I pray you hold onto this truth and go forth in all you have to do. Get go out of those ashes and go live the life you were created to live!!

Much love,

The Christian Blogger

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