Lecrae Music Inspires Seahawks’ Tyler Lockett’s Great Play

Seattle Seahawks’ wide receiver Tyler Lockett won Week 5 NFL highlights with an amazing toe-drag catch in the corner of the endzone. Lockett recently appeared on Russell Wilson’s podcast entitled DangerTalk and credited an unlikely source for his great play on the field. Wilson asked Lockett about his pregame routine and the receiver noted he likes to listen to faith-based rapper Lecrae.

“For me, sometimes before we even go back out there [to the field] I listen to Lecrae,” Lockett explained. “I listen to a lot of his old stuff like ‘Background,’ ‘Free from It All’. Just stuff like that to kind of get it off of me because when everything is centered around me, I start thinking too much. I start wanting everything to be perfect, and I start trying to be the captain of the ship. But when I go back to certain songs that allow me to see the bigger picture, I can kind of let things go and I can go out there and play more free and play more open.”

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