[INSPIRATION] New Paths, New Chapter

by Diana Ramirez

The beauty of letting things go and starting a new chapter in life is that you get to start over on a blank piece of paper. There’s something that makes me so happy about having a blank sheet of paper with nothing written on it. It’s a new canvas and you get the opportunity to write, draw, paint something new on it.

Many times, we get afraid when something ends, and we start over fresh. Whether it be a job, relationship, school, ministry or any other thing. That in between of ending a chapter and finally being able to see somewhat of the new one being written is so scary at times. It brings us exhilaration and also a little nervousness of the unknown. Sometimes these new chapters start abruptly. Like you’re going about your day and you have no intention of starting a new chapter but are forced to. Those areas can seem overwhelming and at that moment it feels like your whole life is caving in. And while you could focus on that the best thing to do is focus on God. Letting Him know you’re scared, angry, confused or whatever you’re feeling at the moment.

See he has to end some things in order to get us to the best he has for us. Those times can feel so unbalanced and if you don’t focus on God you can get caught up in the problems and that can lead into other things. Trust me, I know how it feels to lose something abruptly and feel like everything is falling out from under you.

A couple of months ago I lost my job. One morning the boss called me and told me that in the next couple of weeks I wouldn’t have a job. How they were closing down the office and how he just wanted to let me know to have a few weeks of a heads up. Now talk about feeling like I just got sucker punched. I didn’t know how to react. I remember putting the phone down and just crying thinking how I was going to support my children without a job. I cried for a few minutes and then as I felt that release, I just started praying. See I’ve been down this road before.

Three years ago, I was laid off of my job due to the economic downturn in that field. I had worked there for 5 years and early in the morning they come in to talk to me and tell me they have to let me go. Oh, how I cried so hard and panicked then. I cried and went home and called my closest friends. I talked to them and to my family and just kept crying. I literally cried for a couple of weeks many times a day feeling so helpless. I started not wanting to go out because I felt embarrassed to have lost my job. I would just do what I needed to do, and the rest of the time just be home replaying and thinking how this could’ve happened.

It wasn’t until my best friend, sister in Christ, sat me down and talked to me. She told me how she has seen a change in me and how the enemy was using this to try and send me into a depression. She prayed with me and would pray with me continually every single day. She would send me encouraging texts and call and remind me how God was working all this out for good. And when I finally put my focus on God and getting excited for the new is when I got out of that funk. It took about 3 months but then I got my job and I loved it.

It was something somewhat different and having to learn new things just brought me excitement. Getting to know new people was a little intimidating at first but after a week I loved being able to meet the new people God had put into my life. So, see this time around even though it was unexpected I knew that I could cry some and then I knew to look and focus on God and get excited for the new adventure he was taking me on. I haven’t found a job yet, but I was able to spend some time with my kids this summer and actually stay at home and be there for their practices and summer league games and events. We built a stronger bond and I even got to see my oldest go off to college and was able to visit her on the first day.

At times I have to remind myself when I get anxious that God knows exactly what He’s doing and that helps with those anxious feelings. I look back and see how every ending whether it be a job, relationship, ministry or friendship ended but something better came afterwards. I wouldn’t have gotten out of those things had something not pushed me or forced me to end it. Many of that was not good for me and I thank God for ending them. At the time it may not have seemed good but as time progressed, I saw how it help me grow and end toxic situations.

So dear friend, whatever chapter has closed right now come with full assurance knowing God is going to start this new chapter and it will be better. Pick yourself up and have that anticipation and excitement of that new blank page that is ready for you to write on. If you’re feeling like you don’t know how to get out of that funk. Find a friend, confidant, Google some Bible scriptures about hope or email me here on the christianblogger17@gmail.com or someone at Power77Radio.com.

Just know you’re not alone and take that step into the new chapter confidently knowing God is on your side. And if you’ve stayed somewhere knowing that you’re supposed to move on then take that step in the right direction. I will always remind you that you’re never too far gone, too old for God to use and how he loves you so much!!

I pray that you have that boldness and excitement and take that step if it’s your new chapter that you’re writing. You will make mistakes and that’s ok because you have a Father who loves you and won’t let you walk down this path alone! So, stir up that excitement and go confidently knowing that good will come out of this.

Take that first step and see how God honors it and walks with you every step. Let’s get excited for this new path, new chapter!!

Much love,

The Christian Blogger

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