[INSPIRATION] What’s Your Worth?

by Diana Ramirez

Dear friends,

I’m sure reading the topic has you scratching your head thinking: What is she talking about?

Most of us, if someone asks what our worth is, will come out with a long list of things that sound good. But I want you to really be honest with yourself. The question I am asking is: What do you think of yourself when people aren’t around or you’re not having to answer this aloud? Those deep thoughts you have of yourself when you’re alone.

Now, if we’re completely honest, some of us will say we are worth so much but we settle for things that do not line up with our worthiness. Now we all know we are worthy because God made us and chose us. Many of us don’t really think of it like that and think that our worth comes from praises, jobs, accomplishments, family, relationships and so much more. We see our worth in the things we can get and what we can accomplish. But I want you to just stop and think if you lost everything right now, would you feel worthy? Have you tied all your worthiness into a job or relationship? Would losing it all, the things you love the most, take your worthiness away?

See, you have to see yourself from the eyes of God and in His eyes you are worthy. He sent His only Son to die on the cross for you so that you can have life, and life more abundantly at that. No matter what you have done that doesn’t disqualify you from being worthy. Yes, some people may have made you feel unworthy or losing things may make you feel unworthy but that is all a lie. Your worth is never tied to someone or something. Your worth was paid for on that cross the day Jesus died.

You may have done some bad things, gotten into drugs, committed adultery, lied, stolen something but that doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy. We need to stop seeing ourselves from those eyes and that perspective and remember whose we are. Once we remember whose we are then it’s easy not to settle for anything less. That relationship where you give so much and are left in confusion, that friendship that takes and takes, that job that makes you compromise your beliefs, is settling for less. God stated that He was going to give you life and life more abundantly. Now why would He give you something that only takes away? See that’s not from Him. We have such a distorted image about things that we ourselves settle for less.

Tonight take a deep inventory and be honest with yourself. If your worth is tied to someone or something ask God to help you see yourself how He sees you. Google some Bible verses about how He says you’re worthy and meditate on those. Anytime that feeling of unworthiness comes up just remind yourself whose you are. Don’t be with people who make you feel unworthy. If that’s the people you have then those aren’t the people God has for you. The right relationships and friendships will remind you how you are God’s chosen one and will give you peace. Let go of temporary things and hang on to the only one who will never leave you!

Much love,

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