Dusty Marshall Announces “American Holocaust” Album, New Anti-Abortion Video

Dusty Marshall releases brand new music video, pre-order, and track listing for his sophomore album titled AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

Dusty Marshall’s newest album, American Holocaust, can be summed up in one word: uncompromising. Shedding light on a large portion of the Christian church that has greatly departed from God’s word as it’s absolute standard for truth, this album is sure to shake the church walls.

Marshall states, “America, a country once rooted in strong Christian values, has greatly departed from the word of God as the absolute standard of truth, and much of the church has followed along with it. Our capitalist society has seeped into a man centered church movement. The result: our nation created a counterfeit Christian culture in which many of our churches shy from calling out sin, for fear of offending popular culture. The ongoing aftermath is a nation with over 61 million babies aborted, families decimated, the loss of identity, and the LGTBQ agenda infiltrating our pre-k children.”

Marshall goes on to say, “this album was meant to call the western evangelical church back to God and His Word and to stop building a false version of God based on the deceptive feelings of popular culture.” This project is a masterpiece being produced, mixed, and mastered entirely by creative genius, Spechouse. It also features CHH heavyweights, Illuminate, Davis Absolute, as well as some other up and comers. Marshall paints a vivid narrative throughout the album, traveling from a church that’s lost its saltiness to blend in with a sinful culture, to the overcoming victory of a sovereign God who’s putting all enemies underneath His feat.

American Holocaust is a project for the Christian who’s committed to the uncompromising word of God.

Track Listing

  1. Salt & Light
  2. Oh God (ft. Nameless Servant)
  3. Good Morning
  4. Art of the Enemy (ft. Jordan Copas, Davis Absolute, & Krystal Marshall)
  5. Add vs Sub (Interlude)
  6. Addition vs Submission (ft. Illuminate)
  7. Good Afternoon
  8. American Holocaust
  9. YOU (ft. Krystal Marshall)
  10. Good Night
  11. King of Kings

All songs produced, mixed, and mastered by Spechouse.
Songs, 1,2,4,6,8,9 Original compositions by Mack11Beats
Songs 3,7,10 original compositions by Spechouse
Song 11 original composition by Tellingbeatzz

American Holocaust releases July 26, 2019 and is available for pre-order / pre-save beginning on July 4:

Music video: Dusty Marshall “American Holocaust”

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