[BEHIND THE LYRICS] ‘God’s Not Done With You’

by Emily Medlock

Welcome back to Behind the Lyrics! This week, I’m taking on a song that you have probably heard on the radio this week. It’s “God’s Not Done With You” by Tauren Wells.

Tauren Wells is quickly becoming one of my new favorite artists, and after listening to a few of his songs, you’ll understand why. You may recognize the singer as the former frontman of GRAMMY® Award-nominated band Royal Tailor, which disbanded in 2015. Back in action, Tauren Wells shows us everything that he can do on his own.

We’ll go over that more later. But first, let’s break down “God’s Not Done With You”!

Standing in your ruins, feels a lot like the end
So used to losing, you’re afraid to try again

Broken relationships. Heartbreaking diagnoses. We all lose in life, but the truly heartbreaking moment is the one when you decide to stop trying. As long as we’re trying, God is working. But it’s easier said than done. Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Some use it as an excuse not to try. But where is the happy-medium? Finding a new selfless, heartfelt, God-given way to try every single day.

Right now all you see are ashes
Where there was a flame
The truth is that you’re not forgotten
‘Cause Grace knows your name

Has He forgotten the child he once loved? We all go through things in life that dampen our spirit. Sometimes, we look back at the fire we carried in our hearts when we were younger and yearn for it back.

One version of Romans 12: 11 says, “Never let the fire in your heart go out. Keep it alive. Serve the Lord.” Our passion for love and life is our fire. When we let it diminish and burn to ash, we are giving up our lives before it is taken.

God’s not done with you
Even with your broken heart and your wounds and your scars
God’s not done with you
Even when you’re lost and it’s hard and you’re falling apart

We talk about the ashes and ruins of our life, but where does the phoenix rise from? In Isaiah 61, God promises us beauty from these ashes. Everything we think he takes from us, we’re given back tenfold. We think our wounds will never become scars and are scars will never bless us. But the scars you have now used to be wounds and the blessings you have used to be scars. Everything works together for the good of those who love God.

God’s not done with you
It’s not over, it’s only begun
So don’t hide, don’t run
‘Cause God’s not done with

Running, hiding, turning to addiction. This is the easiest path we can choose, and one that is all too common. But to be healed, we need to be raw. To find help, we need to be vulnerable. We can’t hide from the doctor and expect to be tended to. We can’t face the maliciousness of addiction and expect to find blessings. Like I talked about in “I’m Gonna Let it Go,” because God’s not done.

There’s a light you don’t notice
Until you’re standing in the dark
And there’s a strength that’s growing
Inside your shattered heart

When our lives are going exactly as planned, how often do we turn to God and have a heart to heart? Not as often as we should. There are some things, some beauties that one cannot comprehend unless they see the darkness. It’s a sad place to be but you don’t know what you’ve had till it’s gone. What doesn’t kill us really does often make us stronger. Like supernatural beings, our souls have the ability to grow stronger, more empathetic with pain. If only we let them.

He’s got a plan, this is part of it
He’s gonna finish what He started
He’s got a plan, this is part of it
He’s gonna finish what He started
He’s not done
God’s not done writing your story

When life gets hard, we tend to think that we are lost. But as a child whose parent never loses sight of them, we are always in His hand. We must remember that we are still children in His eyes. We still have such a ways to go. As much as we should treasure each moment, we should continue to let Him work. This isn’t the end. This isn’t over. God is far from done. He’s only just begun.

It’s been two years since Tauren Wells’ beautiful song was released. So why bring it up now? The artist just recently released the official music video in May! Watch it here:

Now isn’t that a powerful video? No matter where you are in life, rest assured that everything is in God’s hands. Don’t give up, keep fighting with love, keep living with life. Don’t let the fire go out. As I mentioned in “Haven’t Seen it Yet,” God has plans more immaculate and beautiful than you can imagine.

I hope you enjoyed this song; I sure did. If you have any requests, feel free to let me know in the comments below and I’ll try my best to get to it! Thanks again!

Emily Medlock is a freelance writer who specializes in video games, movies, viral content, Christianity, music and YouTube video scripts. Visit her online at emilymedlock.com/blog.

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  1. Beautiful song God Bless You. I’m going through a couple of things and need prayers to keep me strong.

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