Scarlet Letter Society “No” Is About Developing a Deep Faith Through Questions and Trials

This song is dedicated to people with questions. It’s okay to wonder, but our hope is that your wondering leads to Christ and not confusion.

The song was written along the time that a mutual friend of ours was going through some tough times. He was questioning his upbringing, his faith, and ultimately his belief in God. At the end of the day, salvation and relationship with God doesn’t come just by much learning, but by a revelation of who God is and your need for a savior. You don’t give this (Gospel) message away through fear tactics or force, but the Bible says that it’s by love that he draws us.

From a musical perspective we wanted this song to be compelling. We wanted the listener to be captivated enough to pay attention to the details. It began with a melodious hook. We built the main rhythm around that hook and as we practiced, the song began to take shape. The Latin chords and heavy guitars that can be heard on the bridge came later but are definitely in line with the genre blends that our listeners expect to hear from us. Ultimately, this song is a beautiful balance of music and message that we hope all who hear it will enjoy.

Video: Scarlet Letter Society “No”

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