[INSPIRATION] Beautiful Mess

by Diana Ramirez

Dear friend,

You know that mess you’re in and you can’t seem to see a way out? Trust me when I tell you there is a way out. It isn’t going to be easy and it will probably get messy, but if you keep taking steps forward you will get out of it. Last week I talked about God taking your ashes and making something beautiful out of it. I know, you hear this so much and people seem to focus on the ending solution, but you and I both know the middle part is the hardest. Most don’t want to focus on the middle part because to be honest with you that is the dirtiest, hardest part to go through. You see most people, myself included, seem to think if we just get over something then we will be ok. Honestly, it’s this middle part which will at the end have you changing into someone completely different.

During this process you have to be able to be honest with yourself and God and that’s something most people don’t really tell us. Yes, they say well just tell God how you feel but in reality when you voice what you think about God or the situation they look at you crazy and tell you not to feel like that. Or we get too scared because there are people who tell you not to feel that way because “a Christian person” shouldn’t feel like that.

You want to know something? That is totally wrong. We can’t tell someone how to feel and if we really think about it God already knows how we feel. If He is our friend then we can come to Him and tell him exactly how we feel. Think about how you talk to your best friend and are completely honest with them exposing things or feelings only they know. That’s the way we should approach God because He is the best friend we have. We can come broken, mad, angry, disappointed and whatever else you feel and be completely honest with Him. You can even let Him know that you may be angry at Him. He will be ok and trust me you will not get struck by lightning and He won’t abandon you.

All these emotions and getting healed is a process. Sometimes we have people pray for us and tell us well from this point forward you will be healed. Then you tend to feel the same or have the same thoughts and you beat yourself up thinking you aren’t steady in Christ. That is not true!! The healing process is different for everyone.

I have come to find out from personal experience that it is kind of like an onion. The healing process pulls back layers in you and you work through it as you come to each layer. Honestly I wish I would’ve known this. It would have saved so much heartache and sleepless nights. There are many of you who feel as you failed or you might not be going the right way because someone put that thought in your head that after one prayer you would forget it all. This process might feel like you take one step forward and you feel like you are right back at it.

I know, it might not be what you want to hear but it’s the truth. God loves you so much that He knows your heart and soul. You might say you forgive someone and think ok, that’s all I need to do. But deep down there may still be hurt or offense and God will bring you right back to that because He wants to uproot that from your heart. He doesn’t do it because He wants to make you feel the pain always.

A lot of us want to run away from the pain and the memories of what something caused us so we bury it deep down inside and just go on and try to forget about it without working through it. Just as a seed no matter how deep it’s planted it eventually breaks the soil, so will these emotions. We can’t bury the pain that these emotions cause us. We need to tell God how it feels because if we don’t then they will come out in another way. Here is an example of that in my life. My dad never really showed me affection growing up. Instead of voicing how I felt to God, I buried it thinking I would be ok. Well, growing up I did all I could to get recognition. Everything I did came out of a place of performing and I didn’t let myself just be loved.

There are so many more examples and I will be sharing that in a later blog. As I come to know God they pray over me and are like ok we prayed for these things and you will now be ok. Well, I wasn’t. It wasn’t until this past year when I really let God in my heart that I stared to really heal. It’s been a process and as one layer is pulled back another layer is exposed. And to be honest I am the happiest I have ever been. I have had to lay my heart out to God and go through process after process and truly feel what I have for so longed buried. It hasn’t been fun and there were some times that I wanted to just shut down. But I knew that I wanted to be healed and I needed to be healed so that I wouldn’t repeat so many cycles that I had been through.

I don’t come to you with just words or what I think sounds good. I come to you with the experiences and wanting to share my heart so that even if just one person could start and finish the process of healing, it would be worth it. We have to be real with you just as you have to be real with yourself. Healing doesn’t come overnight. It is a process and like any other process you can’t skip any steps to have the intended and best result. Just as a plant has to push through the soil, so will you to get the healing.

There will be sleepless nights where you cry, yell or just think you can’t do this. But my dear friend, you are worth this and so much more. You are worth taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. The wholeness you feel on the other side will be worth every fear and hurt you have to face head on. Dear friend, I pray that you find the courage to take that step forward to begin the healing process or continue it. Know that you are in my heart and prayers.

Much love,

The Christian Blogger

What are you fighting against or are scared of to take that first step in this process? Have you started the process and just feel like you can’t go on? If you need prayer or have a question or thought feel free to comment below.

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