[HEALTHY EATING] Three Great Foods and the Benefits They Bring

by Chef Jeramie Roberson


It’s your favorite chef, Chef Jeramie Roberson!


I hope you had a great week and the start of an awesome weekend. I have a treat for us today. Here are three great foods that can benefit all of us. Did you know eating the right kinds of foods can and will propel our bodies toward a healthy and all-natural detox?

First, let’s take a look at the key lime.

Key limes are from South East Asia and exported to Mexico. Key limes help prevent the buildup of acid and help flush out toxins and mucus from the body. Oftentimes, what causes disease in the body is the build up of mucus that turns toxic.

Peaches are a summer sweet sensation that derive from the region of Northwest China, although Georgia is the peach state because it produced the most peaches in the early 1500s. Peaches cleanse and detoxify the body and flush out the liver and kidneys.

Finally, oregano is a herb from the region of Asia. Oregano is an amazing herb that also helps detoxify our body. Oregano is high in magnesium, calcium, iron and fiber.

These are just a few great foods that can help you to jump start our healthy journey to help you to eat your way back to life.

For more healthy tips, please visit www.squarechef.net and purchase my book, “Born to Die but Ate My Way Back to Life” on Amazon.

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