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by Evalyne

You feel the rhythm…you leap gracefully, twirl, bow….and then, there is an applause…you danced beautifully. 

Beauty and passion intertwined in unison all with the intent to nonverbally communicate, connect, or tell a story to the audience. 

Bodies using their natural God-given talents and movements for art. 

Christian worship dancers dance with the intent to express total devotion to God; to worship God by dance. Furthermore, to dance so that the audience can see God and want to worship God themselves. Their emotion and passion as they dance draws people in and it raises the question for some, “Who is God? Why should we worship Him?”

God is our creator, He is light, love, He is all-knowing, gracious, truth, and so much more. He is so much that there is no justice in summarizing Him into a sentence or two. The fact of the matter is that we will never understand His Greatness.

For those of us who know God, we love God, we worship God, but do we forget about Him at times? It’s a hard thing to take-in “forgetting” about God, but don’t we all at some point? Don’t we all admit to putting our own selfish desires first at times or fail to see Him in all that we have, and do?

We continue with our daily lives sometimes on a schedule or even living day-by-day without an agenda. However, when a holiday draws near, excitement begins to stir inside most of us as we connect holiday, tradition, and family as one. Society today views holidays, like Easter, as a wonderful family tradition, sometimes forgetting that there is a deeper, personal, and more spiritual meaning to Easter. Easter is not about the cute little bunny costumes, brightly colored eggs, colorful or pastel attire, and wonderful meals. It is not the commercial events and “sugar highs” that we all look forward to. All of that is delightful, however, Easter is a holiday to remember, pay respect, and rejoice for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter really is a time when the retelling of the Gospel story touches and empowers lives. We as humans are sinners, and as sinners, we are separated from God. God sent his son to die for our sins, our punishment, so that we may choose to form a relationship with God. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Thus, our sins were forgiven. The forgiveness of our sins gives us hope to have an eternal inheritance to the Kingdom of Heaven. There has never been nor will there ever be an act of such pure love in human history. When Jesus died after being crucified, and rose from the dead, He confirmed that God had accepted Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. 

I love Jesus because he is my peace. I love Jesus because he made sure that I had the opportunity to live forever in His presence, if I chose to. The talents and blessings He provides for us daily are only a snippet of his love for us. The day you experience within the depths of your heart and soul that Christ died and rose from the dead for YOU, will be the day that you feel lighter, freer, and liberated. It is a newly generated faith that inspires hope towards a life of eternity with God. And, for those of us who already believe, try to remember that every day we have the opportunity to live by the Easter holiday’s true message of hope and life. 

Spread The Message – Please Share

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