Rawsrvnt’s “Get Away” Captures Unvarnished Emotion – Disappointment, Bewilderment, Dependence, and Hope


We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a difficult work situation, a challenging child, or a particularly rough patch in a relationship – at times, life’s struggles can seem to suffocate and we just want to jump on a plane and escape it all.

That’s the unvarnished emotion captured in Eddy “Rawsrvnt” Puyol’s latest single titled “Get Away.”

“To be honest, lately I’ve been enduring one of the worst seasons of my entire life,” Rawsrvnt confessed. (The artist is currently going through a divorce – something he alluded to during last year’s release of the song “On the Line.”)

“But in the midst of it all I felt like God gave me the hook for this song. At several points in the last few months I’ve wanted to literally pack my bags and get away. It hurts, but I know I can also turn to Him when that type of temptation and pain gets to be too much to bear on my own.”

The song’s lyrics find the singer speaking directly to his former spouse, his heavenly father, and himself. The words express disappointment, bewilderment, dependence, and still… hope.

“You can see this same sort of emotional outpouring in the psalms that King David wrote,” Rawsrvnt said. “I can definitely relate and hope listeners of ‘Get Away’ feel the same way.”

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Get Away is available on all digital platforms.

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