[MOVIES] Tim Tebow to Release First Feature Film, ‘Run the Race’

Tim Tebow, former NFL quarterback, is just months away from releasing his first movie. Co-produced by Tebow and his brother, Robby, the movie follows two fictional brothers, one who believes in God and another who doesn’t. The film tells their struggles to find purpose after their mother’s death and their father’s abandonment. The first trailer for the upcoming movie, “Run the Race,” was recently released.

“I wanted to be part of something that’s encouraging and inspirational to the viewer. I believe ‘Run The Race’ accomplishes this by showing two brothers struggling with real life, but them getting through it by supporting each other and their faith,” Tim Tebow said in a statement. “I hope those who see it can walk away with more faith, hope, and love.”

L to R: RUN THE RACE executive producer, Robby Tebow, with actors Evan Hofer and Tanner Stine. (Courtesy of Run the Race Productions, LLC)

Tebow won’t be in the film itself, however he said he could identify with one of the brothers in the movie.

“There are a lot of similarities in my life between two brothers supporting one another, having each other’s back, believing in one another,” Tebow shared. “My family and my brother have always given me so much support. That’s made such a big impact on me being able to go after my dreams.”

Co-producing a movie is Tebow’s new career move. Back in 2016, Tebow ended his football career to try and play professional baseball with the New York Mets. However, that dream came to a halt when he broke his hand in July.

“Every setback is just another opportunity for a comeback. I love and embrace that,” he said. “I still had an exciting baseball season and it’s been a really fun ride. But I’m excited to be able to get back to work, heal this thing up, and get right back at it.”

The movie premieres in theaters nationwide Feb. 22, 2019. McEntire, the film’s screenwriter, said he hopes people are reminded of “what we can do, in our every day lives, to help people come to the Lord.”

“It’s about how God changes one brother’s heart through the other brother. That’s what I think is encouraging about this,” he explained. “And it’s not just the brother, it’s every character — the nanny, the coach, his girlfriend. The Holy Spirit is working through all of those people to woo this guy’s heart and bring him to himself.”

SOURCE: Beliefnet
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      As far as we know, Tim Tebow doesn’t have his own production company. He runs XV Enterprises, a marketing firm; as well as the Tim Tebow Foundation. He was an executive producer on this particular film, but the production companies for it are Reserve Entertainment and 10th Leper Productions.

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